GamesCom 2011 News

Written by Joe Martin

August 12, 2011 | 10:41

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GamesCom 2011 News  GamesCom 2011 News

Held in Cologne, Germany every year, GamesCom is the world's largest games convention - an arena through which both the press and public can go hands on with the latest games and gaming technology. Taking place over five days, the show plays host to announcements and reveals from games publishers and developers of all sizes.

As with previous years, we're out there on the show floor, bringing you all the latest scoops and hands-on impressions from the pre-show announcements through to the wrap-ups on the final day. This year, we'll be getting our hands on with everything from upcoming PC cult hits like World of Warplanes through to mega-blockbusters to be, like Bethesda's Dishonored or Electronic Arts' Mass Effect 3.

This article is a hub for all our E3 2011 news, previews, rumours and media. We'll update it constantly with new links and announcements, so be sure to keep checking back to make sure you don't miss anything!

Day Zero
GamesCom 2011 might not have kicked off just quite yet, but the pre-show press conferences are already in full swing. Plus, there's always the occasional leak or rumour doing the rounds!

Day One - 17th August 2011
GamesCom 2011 is now fully, finally underway with the first day of the event open to press only. We'll be paying visits to our favourite developers and publishers, as well as heading out to swanky after-parties - stopping only to bring you the latest news.

Day Two - 18th August 2011
As the show reaches its peak, we'll be paying dropping in on some of the most exciting developments to be found just off the beaten path, as well as spending some time with technology giants like AMD and Nvidia.

Day Three - 19th August 2011
Our final day at the show, we'll be cramming in some last minute meetings and discussions with those developers and publishers we just can't say 'No' to, before running off to catch a last minute flight back to Blighty. We'll also be wrapping up our thoughts on the show as a whole.

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