Paradox announces War of the Roses

Paradox announces War of the Roses

Paradox Interactive has unveiled a new title, War of the Roses, at GamesCom 2011 today.

Paradox Interactive has unveiled a new title at GamesCom 2011, one which has previously been known only by the codename of Project Postman.

Dubbed War of the Roses, the game is a multiplayer-focused third person melee game that was announced by developer Fatshark's Gordon van Dyke.

Speaking after the announcement, Gordon said Fatshark put a lot of emphasis on balancing the melee combat, constantly iterating on a playspace that consisted of a barren landscape and just two fighters until the game felt right.

The full game will focus mainly on massive-scale multiplayer however, with Fatshark saying the team is still experimenting with how high it can push the player count.

Fatshark's previous games include cowboy shooter Lead and Gold.

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A PC release, no firm shipping date has yet been set for the title.

Check our GamesCom 2011 news hub for all the information from Cologne this year.


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lp1988 17th August 2011, 23:34 Quote
War of the roses...

So what in the final stage you get to murder a couple of children

(if I have my British history right)
wiggles 18th August 2011, 14:56 Quote
Except in the German version.

Sounds fun
OCJunkie 18th August 2011, 17:27 Quote
What a ridiculous title. And third person just does not interest me whatsoever.
Claave 18th August 2011, 20:59 Quote
Originally Posted by OCJunkie
What a ridiculous title. And third person just does not interest me whatsoever.

The third person bit is obviously personal taste, but the title comes from the civil wars between the house of Lancaster and York in northern England during the 1400s. The symbol of each house was a rose (red and white, I forget which was which, but lp1988 can help there I reckon). Anyhoo, just wanted to point out that it's not madness, it's....

you can fill in the rest.
XXAOSICXX 19th August 2011, 09:18 Quote
It's like being back at primary school! Lancashire is red, Yorkshire white BTW :)
Stelph 19th August 2011, 14:12 Quote
Aaarrgh I was born in Lancashire but went to Uni and lived in Yorkshire, devided loylties... :-)

Sounds good, hopefully a more polished version of Mount and Blade and if so ill probably get it
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