Nordic Games acquires Jowood, The Adventure Company

Nordic Games acquires Jowood, The Adventure Company

Nordic Games Holding Group has acquired ArcaniA publisher Jowood, with plans to relaunch old franchises.

Painkiller publisher Jowood has been acquired by the Nordic Games Holding Company, an announcement made today has revealed.

Nordic Games has also acquired The Adventure Company and has expressed plans to relaunch all the old franchises of both companies - a list which would run from Painkiller to The Guild 2.

Nordic Games, which made the announcement to tie in with GamesCom 2011 in Cologne this week, will use Jowood and the Adventure Company as publishing labels for this relaunch effort, but is also opening new offices in Vienna, Austria.

'This new venture will be a fresh start, and we will be introducing new systems, procedures and business ethics to ensure the company goes from strength to strength.' said Nordic Games CEO Lars Wingefors.

'This is the beginning of a new era and over the coming months product development will start on a variety of well loved and respected brands and products.'

Jowood's other popular titles include Spellforce and ArcaniA.

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Check our GamesCom 2011 news hub for all the information from Cologne this year.

We bet you've heard of The Guild 2, so here's a look at SpellForce 2: Dragon Storm as an example of Jowood's work:


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rogerrabbits 16th August 2011, 16:50 Quote
' popular titles include ArcaniA'

Hehe using the word popular loosely.
Paradigm Shifter 16th August 2011, 17:12 Quote
JoWood's been bailed out more times than I can remember. They've made some good games, but their post-release support for their games is, by and large, appalling.
SaNdCrAwLeR 16th August 2011, 19:16 Quote
no one mentions Europa 1400: The Guild?
my favorite Jowood game... and one of my top 10 favorites
karlosaneson 16th August 2011, 21:06 Quote
Perhaps now we will see Industry Giant 3.
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