World of Warplanes has no release date

World of Warplanes has no release date

World of Warplanes will be released when it is done, says Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi.

World of Tanks developer has no release date in mind for upcoming MMO sequel World of Warplanes, saying that it is important for the team to get the game right the first time around.

'You only have one shot to release an MMO, Wargaming CEO Victor Kislyi told us at GamesCom 2011 today. 'If the handling or the balancing or whatever isn't just right, audience falls away and doesn't come back.'

'It's showbusiness, really,' continued Victor. 'A long beta is crucial...there's lots of PR to do. World of Tanks had no expectations on it, but World of Warplanes is different.'

It's possible the developer will look to release the recently announced plane-based MMO next year, but not definite, we were told - something that is in part due to the success of World of Tanks.

'We can fund pretty much whatever we want now, so we're experimenting Blizzard-style. It'll be ready when it's ready.' recently announced a second sequel to World of Tanks too, World of Battleships. The same goes for that game too, says Victor.

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GravitySmacked 18th August 2011, 23:40 Quote
That's one game I'm looking forward too!
Krikkit 18th August 2011, 23:42 Quote
Done when it's done is a good attitude, better than "Oh definitely Q3 2012" which then gets put back and back, then inevitably released before it's finished.
Lance 19th August 2011, 09:55 Quote
Yes. EA please listen regarding battlefield 3. I don't want a buggy game, I want a good one!
SazBard 19th August 2011, 11:19 Quote
Now what I'd like to see is "World of War" with combined planes, tanks and soldier FPS.

But yes, definitely looking forward to try this out, not interested so much in world of tanks though.
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