HD Game Recorder Launched

HD Game Recorder Launched

Is this the best way to get your gameplay videos online?

Hauppauge has launched its HD PVR Gaming Edition box at GamesCom 2011 – the small black and green box allows you record video in HD quality from any source, so you can record your gaming sessions for analysis or uploading later.

The device will accept many inputs from PCs or consoles via the new ‘universal high definition component video cable set’ and video passthrough technology, and has ‘software which allows game play to be recorded in HD and then uploaded to YouTube’.

The HD PVR is said to include a ‘high-quality high definition video encoder plus support for multi-channel digital audio. All recordings are done in H.264.’ The video is saved to a PC via USB.

The device is an evolution of the standard HD PVR, which doesn’t have the passthrough technology, meaning that there could be some video delay and that you had watch your game on your PC’s screen.

With the passthrough technology, you can play as normal (on a TV with a console, or on your PC), with the device saving the video on the PC in the background.

Update: the HD PVR Gaming Edition will be on sale at the end of August, with a suggeted retail price of £199.

Are you so leet that the world needs to know, do you have some other way of recording gameplay video, or are you bemused by this offering? Let us know in the forum.

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Flanananagan 17th August 2011, 15:04 Quote
Okay for consoles, but aren't there a load of cheaper options already available?

And as for PC... Fraps?
Narishma 17th August 2011, 15:18 Quote
Fraps has some overhead. You can't use it if you have a slow PC or if you're playing a resources heavy game.
Gigglebyte 17th August 2011, 15:31 Quote
It would be a useful package for some if it was sub £90/100 with the ability to upgrade the HDD, I personally can't see this becoming a market leader in game recording though.
DriftCarl 17th August 2011, 15:31 Quote
fraps is pretty crap nowadays yea,
I use xsplit and broadcast to when I play sc2 at HD quality.
The good thing about that is there are no local files stored on your computer, and it automatically gets saved on the sites servers and available for all as soon as you end the broadcast/recording.
But yes that requires a good PC and fast connection.
I guess the recorder is good if you want that sort of thing, nice for people who cant afford to upgrade their PC, but then that depends on how much this box costsmight be cheaper to just upgrade the pc
tonyd223 17th August 2011, 15:44 Quote
HDMI in, HDMI out? or is that something to do with copy protection?
Canon 17th August 2011, 16:15 Quote
FRAPS also eats through GBs of space in a matter of seconds. I ended up having a 250 dedicated to a FRAPS folder for a while.
Phil Rhodes 17th August 2011, 16:22 Quote
Does this mean that Bit-Tech will start publishing screenshots of console games not provided by the publisher?
Toploaded 17th August 2011, 16:35 Quote
Oh nice, I really want something like this if it works well and is reasonably priced. Fraps does just not cut it for recording in HD with full settings on a modern game, even with a pretty decent rig.
Taniniver 17th August 2011, 16:36 Quote
Two points to note from the specs -

1) 1080i max resolution, not 1080p

2) USB2. Bleh... transfer multi-gigabyte file at twenty-odd megabytes per second? No thanks

FRAPS is up to the job of recording at super high resolution, I've recorded at 2560x1600, but the framerates certainly took a nosedive and I couldn't record for long - since it doesn't do much compression on the fly only my SSD could keep up with the sustained write speed it needed, and that doesn't have the capacity for a really long recording.
wuyanxu 17th August 2011, 16:44 Quote
FRAPs, record at quarter of 2560x1440 => 720p set to 50FPS translates to 50 FPS smooth gameplay, zero difference between recording or not, i sometimes even forgot if i am recording (since i don't use FRAPs overlay, use its G15 LCD screen instead)

only problem with FRAPs is that it causes BFBC2 occasional random crashes. external recorder like this one doesn't do that, which is good, but it definitely need to be able to handle high resolution for it to be a worthy purchase. (eg. 2560x1600)
Claave 17th August 2011, 18:17 Quote
Update: the HD PVR Gaming Edition will be on sale at the end of August, with a suggeted retail price of £199.
Oggyb 17th August 2011, 18:33 Quote
Not value for money. Shame.
knuck 17th August 2011, 19:08 Quote
Originally Posted by Claave
Update: the HD PVR Gaming Edition will be on sale at the end of August, with a suggeted retail price of £199.

Well... you know what to review in early September :P
Arkanrais 17th August 2011, 19:32 Quote
I'm awaiting the day something like this comes out that has DVI and HDMI support, can record 1080 60p or higher and perhaps can take a 1tb harddrive in it to record directly to, while outputting to my screen with minimal lag (<50ms)
But hey, I can dream, can't I?

I wouldn't care if it cost 5 or 10 times as much as fraps, I'd love something that recorded full 1080p 60hz H.264 on a separate box with digital and analogue RCA inputs so I could output from my amp back to the box (I absolutely f-ing hate having my audio interrupted).
I record with fraps and end up with 370Mbps videos with 960x540 60Hz or 180Mbps at 30Hz, and both can induce crippling framedrops (hardware isnt the best though; C2D @3.9GHz, 4GB 800mhz, GTX260+OC). Recording long play sessions fill the 320GB drive I have set aside for fraps pretty quick (just checked it and have a folder with 250GB of videos lasting 6 hours 30 mins, waiting to be sorted and encoded)
izym 17th August 2011, 20:32 Quote
You could also buy a video capture card, and build your own dedicated video capture machine.
Toploaded 17th August 2011, 20:53 Quote
Meh, too much, I *might* have stretched to £150 if it was USB 3 and 1080P.
XXAOSICXX 17th August 2011, 22:21 Quote
LOL. Fraps is so gash.
kylew 18th August 2011, 10:17 Quote
I can't see this doing well when the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle is much better and quite a bit cheaper.
Action_Parsnip 18th August 2011, 19:42 Quote
Why the fraps hate??
The_Beast 18th August 2011, 23:07 Quote
^^^ It sucks, Dxtory is where it's at

So with this device the Youtubes will become even more clogged with less than useless gameplay videos of gimped consoles?
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