Amazon confirms Grand Theft Auto V PC port plans

January 23, 2014 | 10:00

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Web-based retailer Amazon has inadvertently confirmed rumours that Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V is heading to PCs, offering up a pre-order page for the title ahead of an official launch announcement.

Hints that the game had been due for a port from consoles to Windows arrived back in July last year, when a Rockstar Leeds job posting looked for someone with PC-porting experience. A slip of the tongue by Nvidia in August seemingly clinched the deal, but was then roundly denied in a follow-up comment via email. Since then, additional hints - including code in console patches seemingly reserved for a Windows version - have leaked, but still with no official word from Rockstar.

Amazon, however, isn't being so coy. Both the French and German arms of the web-based retail giant went live this week with pre-order pages for a Windows release of GTA V, with the French version being removed from the site shortly after launch. The German page, at the time of writing, remains active, offering pre-orders for the title at €59.99 (around £49.) The listing does not include a release date, however - a fact that hasn't stopped the title storming up the charts to number 40 in Amazon Germany's games category.

Rockstar has not commented on the apparent leak, which may yet be an overly-enthusiastic error on Amazon's part, but with GTA V being the most expensive game ever made the company must surely be planning a PC port if only to boost sales still further from its record-breaking levels. Fans, however, will be hoping for a smoother port than that enjoyed by predecessor GTA IV, which was delayed and yet still hit the streets with serious issues.
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