GTA 5 PC edition hinted by Rockstar job listing

GTA 5 PC edition hinted by Rockstar job listing

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V is likely heading to the PC as well as consoles, potentially alongside a port of 2010's Red Dead Redemption.

A job posting advertising a position at Rockstar Leeds has offered hope that the company's most recent games, including the as-yet unreleased Grand Theft Auto V, will be coming to the PC.

Despite an early focus on PC gaming - its first major hit, the original top-down Grand Theft Auto, was written for Microsoft DOS before being ported to Windows, PlayStation and Game Boy Colour - recent Rockstar titles have been console exclusives. Its last major title, open-world spaghetti western Red Dead Redemption, has been sorely missed on PC, gaining a Metacritic score of 95 on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but never receiving a port to the platform on which the company got its start.

Thus far, it seems that Grand Theft Auto V is going the same way: the company has spoken up about how it is pushing the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console platforms to the limit with its latest crime simulator, but has been entirely silent on what plans - if any - it has to bring the game to the PC. While its predecessor, unsurprisingly called Grand Theft Auto IV, was brought to Microsoft's Games for Windows platform in December 2008 following its console début in April that year, the fact that Red Dead Redemption is still missing after three years doesn't bode well for the sequel.

There is hope for those who would like to see Rockstar return to the PC, however. A job advert, since removed but not before being spotted by fan site RockstarWatch, has asked for a graphics programmer to work at the company's Leeds studio 'to help bring our latest titles to the PC platform.'

The advert explained that the successful candidate would be working with Rockstar studios world-wide to port titles to the PC - and with Grand Theft Auto IV already available on the PC, they can only be talking about newer games. Red Dead Redemption seems like a good place to start, but the company is almost certainly thinking ahead to Grand Theft Auto V too - especially given mention of the applicant 'working with skilled developers on Next Generation games.'

For now, however, Rockstar is being silent on its plans for Grand Theft Auto V - except to release a gameplay video, reproduced below, which shows the title running on an unspecified current-generation console platform.


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Scroome 10th July 2013, 10:47 Quote
Crosses fingers and toes.

Red Dead was a fantastic game on the PS3. If they can get it looking better on the PC, they have my money.
ChaosDefinesOrder 10th July 2013, 10:48 Quote
Gimme Grand Theft Horse on PC please! Beyond coder resources, there is no technical reason for it not being on PC...
DragunovHUN 10th July 2013, 11:31 Quote
inb4 Rockstar Table Tennis 2 on all platforms
Aterius Gmork 10th July 2013, 11:34 Quote
Don't care about GTA - but give us RDR pretty please.
law99 10th July 2013, 11:36 Quote
I would buy red dead again on PC. Loved it. So good.
Freemanator 10th July 2013, 12:10 Quote
Can add me as a non console gamer, who is very much hoping to be able to play both of these.
Please bring them across soon Rockstar.

PS: Why yes, I am sure that their strategic guys will read this forum.
phuzz 10th July 2013, 14:41 Quote
Another vote for RDR on PC. I played it (and the zombie expansion) on 360, but really it needs to be back home on the PC.
Comeon Rockstar! Most of the work is done already!
Phil Rhodes 10th July 2013, 17:42 Quote
Why do I always hear statements like "Choose how to X" as "pick which one of three prerecorded cut-scenes to view about X".
Ljs 10th July 2013, 22:44 Quote
I think I may have just jizzed.
Xir 11th July 2013, 06:56 Quote
It's three years old, the console money has been earned, don't know why they hesitate.
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