Green Gadgets Competition winner announced

Green Gadgets Competition winner announced

The Green Gadgets LP-170 Pico-ITX OEM kit makes an intriguing base for a modding project.

Our recent Green Gadgets LP-170 contest is now over, and we've picked a winner.

Torgny Karlsson, otherwise known as The_Gnu in our forums, has been selected as the modder to receive this awesome prize. He's already graced Mod of the Month twice with his ongoing projects ProtoHype and GET A LIFE, both of which are hugely popular in our Project Logs forum.

Torgny describes his potential project as 'a "levitating" ball-shaped mini PC. The outer surface of the ball will be covered with different length/shaped aluminium rods, making it look like an exploding ball or a ball covered in crystals.'

He says the mod will feature a polished, cast aluminium case, while rods will provide passive cooling. He plans to use the machine as both an office PC and an 'interactive sculpture.'

Given the unique style of his current projects, we can't wait to see what Torgny creates. We would like to thank Green Gadgets for sponsoring the competition, and also wish the best of luck to Torgny with his new project.

Have you considered building a PC using a pico-ITX or mini-ITX motherboard? Do you have a favourite mod or scratch-built PC that used one? Let us know in the forums.


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Xtrafresh 14th April 2011, 15:13 Quote
congrats, this sounds great!
PureSilver 14th April 2011, 15:20 Quote
Sweet stuff! Can't wait to see what the builder of GET A LIFE can do with this :D
mi1ez 14th April 2011, 15:25 Quote
Bugger, I completely forgot to enter!

On the other hand, I would never had beaten this, congratulations dude!
yogev_ezra 14th April 2011, 15:46 Quote
Congratulations man! ;)
Ping me via PM once you start the project log and request anything you want up to $100 USA.

To everyone who participated - thank you very much, and I hope we will do more promotions like this in the future! (If Bit-Tech team does not mind to select the winner again, hehe :D )
Kiytan 14th April 2011, 16:15 Quote
sounds like an awesome idea
Angel OD 14th April 2011, 18:18 Quote
He's got no time to finish the other mods! lol

Joke aside, a truly worthy winner! :)
The_Gnu 14th April 2011, 23:05 Quote
Wow, Thanks a lot to the bit-tech team and Green Gadget for this opportunity. This really means a lot.

The idea has been one of the more crazy ones in my "future project" folder for a long time. And It's stayed as an idea because of size issues. Thanks to the small pico-itx size, it's now possible to pull this one off and Im looking forward to start this project.

Since there is some planing needed on this one, and I already got two ongoing projects, this one will be planned while I finish up the last pieces of GET A LIFE (shouldn't be too long now). After that the light is green.

Thanks to all of you for the nice comments.
fluxtatic 15th April 2011, 03:35 Quote
Well, I was kicking myself for not having it together by midnight on the 12th. And this was not terribly far from my idea, sorta...but, I already know there was no way I could compete with this, so grats, the_gnu - I look forward to following the log!
Waynio 15th April 2011, 06:24 Quote
:) Good stuff another log coming from Gnu woo hoo :D congrats winning the competition mate I shall look forward to watching it ;).
Still can't wait to see the passive cooled mushroom case complete & ProtoHype :D.
Some serious mod juggling going on there :).
memeroot 15th April 2011, 08:28 Quote
congrats but my rc car sounds and vision system would have been cooler ;-)

unless this is really levitating!!!!

in which case coool
kaiser 15th April 2011, 08:48 Quote
Damn forgot to enter my concept too... oh well maybe I'll have to make it anyways! Congrats Gnu!
devilxc 15th April 2011, 13:09 Quote
Couldn't think of a better modder to give this one a go. Congrats!
Smi 15th April 2011, 14:32 Quote
Not even slightly irritated I didn't win - what a wonderful idea and what a perfect modder! Go get 'em.
Cheapskate 18th April 2011, 01:56 Quote
Really happy the Gnu got the kit.:D The concept sounds interesting. -Like a stick shift for the fortress of solitude.
The_Gnu 19th April 2011, 09:14 Quote
Originally Posted by Cheapskate
Really happy the Gnu got the kit.:D The concept sounds interesting. -Like a stick shift for the fortress of solitude.

Thanks, Actually.. the stick shift of solitude is a very good simile:D.

Thanks to all of you for the supporting comments, I'm really looking forward to this project and I have already started the planing and sketching.
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