Sony finally reveals PS4 hardware design

Sony finally reveals PS4 hardware design

The Sony PSOne... Xbox4... PS4!

Sony has unveiled the hardware design of its upcoming PS4 games console, revealing that it looks remarkably similar to Microsoft's competing console the Xbox One.

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The new design uses the same combination of glossy and matt black finishes as the Xbox One and is likewise made up of flat sides, eschewing the curves of the PS3. Indeed in profile, the console is a parallelogram.

Bisecting the glossy and matt sections is a thin blue illuminated strip, while the front edge has a recessed gap in which the optical disc drive is presumably mounted.

Differing from the Xbox One, the PS4 appears to be designed to stand upright, rather than sit horizontally, though equally it seems the console is able to lay flat. It also appears to be slightly slimmer than the Xbox One, though with a larger footprint.

The console has been shown with one controller and its PlayStation Eye motion controller/camera suggesting this will be the retail package.

Sony finally reveals PS4 hardware design

Further details on a release date have yet to be revealed though the PS4 price has been confirmed at £349 ($399), undercutting the Xbox One by some £80.

During its press conference at E3 the Sony revealed a host of new games that will be coming to the console, including Final Fantasy XV and cross-platform titles such as Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag.

Sony also confirmed that over 100 games will be available within a year of launch and that it won't place restrictions on how users use copies of its games bought on disc: users will be free to lend or resell the game when finished with. Further, games won't need any kind of online activation.


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dark_avenger 11th June 2013, 04:21 Quote
I think it's about what we all expected. Another black box...
Sub-particle 0.76 11th June 2013, 04:49 Quote
At least the camera is not as big as the TV like Kinect, eh? Why does it have to be rectangular/boxy though... I don't mind the colour.
Gradius 11th June 2013, 07:07 Quote
YEHBABY 11th June 2013, 07:37 Quote
Of the 2 this is the one to get as:

1. you can resell games,
2. no constant connect required
3. It's significantly cheaper
4. More powerful hardware

My only complaint is - is this 2 tone black (shiny and Matt) the new fashion? Like flowered wallpaper in the 1970's.
Snips 11th June 2013, 10:59 Quote
I disconnect my console and PC everytime I want to play it as well.
DriftCarl 11th June 2013, 11:02 Quote
Bit disappointed with the design, out of all the concepts around, it seems that the design team at sony and Microsoft are the worst ones.
The features of the PS4 are far more appealing than XB1, so if I was to get a console, I would go for the PS4. However I am a PC fan and come autumn, I will be spending 4 times as much on a PC instead.
lacuna 11th June 2013, 12:46 Quote
Looks a bit PS2-esque. Not fussed though as it will be in the cupboard.
sandys 11th June 2013, 13:59 Quote
Great hardware, good price, looks bloody awful, I use mine both vertical and horizontal.
ADJB 11th June 2013, 15:27 Quote
Shouldn't the headline for this article say "Sony finally reveals PS4 case design" as I can see no clues as to the actual hardware in the words.
ssj12 11th June 2013, 20:04 Quote
Originally Posted by dark_avenger
I think it's about what we all expected. Another black box...

It angled though, so its a black eraser not box.
kenco_uk 12th June 2013, 01:13 Quote
Originally Posted by lacuna
Looks a bit PS2-esque. Not fussed though as it will be in the cupboard.

No, not (dun dun dun..) the cupboard!

I think it looks really good. As long as it's quietly powerful. and works in a kiln like the ps3, that's all I'm bothered about.
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