Kinect for PC SDK released

Kinect for PC SDK released

Microsoft has just released an SDK enabling users to develop Kinect programs for PC.

Microsoft has released the first official SDK for the Kinect sensor, allowing PC users to create their own programs that make use of the Xbox 360 sensor - despite having previously denied that it would do so.

The SDK, which was announced on Major Nelson's blog, includes drivers, APIs and some rudimentary documentation.

'The SDK enables the academic and enthusiast communities easy access to the capabilities offered by the Microsoft Kinect device connected to computers running the Windows 7 operating system,' says Microsoft.

The Kinect sensor includes microphones and cameras that allow it to track user movement and respond to voice commands.

Various hacked programs and mods have already been cobbled together for games such as Minecraft (pictured) and Garry's Mod, showing what the sensor should be capable of on PCs.

The Kinect SDK is available to download from Microsoft Research.

Check out our Kinect review for more information on the sensor, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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faugusztin 17th June 2011, 11:29 Quote
Now only get the Kinnect sensor without the XBOX bundle crap (=console) associated to it :).
Stotherd-001 17th June 2011, 12:03 Quote
You can get this working really quickly... I had it going inside of 15 minutes and tracking skeletal points.
do_it_anyway 17th June 2011, 12:11 Quote
Originally Posted by faugusztin
Now only get the Kinnect sensor without the XBOX bundle crap (=console) associated to it :).

I quite like the possibility.
I will NOT buy an xbox, but admit that the kinect looked fun for parties.
Kinect games on PC would be a good compromise
RichCreedy 17th June 2011, 12:50 Quote
hmm, wonder if they will setup win 8 to use kinnect sensor if detected
Flibblebot 17th June 2011, 13:39 Quote
Hmmm...the possibilities abound. Kinect version of Leisure Suit Larry anyone? :p

This could be a good move for Microsoft - with the type of "amateur" PC programmer that exists, we could see some really original uses outside of gaming for the Kinect that Microsoft never even thought of.
ffjason 17th June 2011, 13:39 Quote
@richcreedy - Great idea but too smart for microsoft to think of.
SlowMotionSuicide 17th June 2011, 13:44 Quote
Bring on The Minority Report HTPC UI.
MrJay 17th June 2011, 13:50 Quote
Originally Posted by SlowMotionSuicide
Bring on The Minority Report HTPC UI.

Very very yes....LCARS interface with motion control.. *Dribbles*
DirtyH 17th June 2011, 16:17 Quote
I want XBMC controlled with Kinect. :D
Nikols 17th June 2011, 18:21 Quote
Wouldnt put this on my main rig but think itd be great on the htpc in the sitting room for windows media center control and a few games
OCJunkie 17th June 2011, 18:50 Quote
Originally Posted by SlowMotionSuicide
Bring on The Minority Report HTPC UI.

XBMC plugin would be epic.

And lmao @ Kinect Leisure Suit Larry...!

It has its uses, but in the end Kinect is completely unappealing to me as a serious gaming solution; sure it's cool, but having to stand and wave my arms during a gaming session would be beyond uncomfortable.
IonKnight 17th June 2011, 19:54 Quote
Yea don't think they have meant this to be a gaming device for windows what it's meant for is for ppl to play around with the sensors easier (lol yes i am thinking of buying one just for my pc so i can get programming my own minority report :P mixed in with Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey :P "hello dave :P").

Mind u on a more serious note tempted to buy this just cause they have released an sdk (not intested in hacking **** leave that to the more competient ppl in that area :P). But i think kinnect have done a great job because no matter what happens in the gaming market for kinnect every engineer is delighted as the prices for these sensors have dived. Screw it actually probably will buy it just for the thermal camera and ir transmitter two things could really need soon (mind u haven't checked the prices lately for these parts seperatly).

So yes expect to see some more uses of kinnect in the next year would expect some half decent programs to be out by then.
hmm, wonder if they will setup win 8 to use kinnect sensor if detected

I expect it will as they want to merge their tablet os with the general OS so this could be a viable alternative for them for the desktop option (as noone wants to be close to a desktop screen but if u could do it in the air that's a different matter). So watch this space expecting nice things to come from this :D.
dyzophoria 18th June 2011, 08:42 Quote
same, honestly games is the least I imagine using the kinect for, on my line of work (scada systems) this will really prove to be an interesting area to explore :)
Omnituens 18th June 2011, 16:50 Quote
By I could play pyro in TF2 with this.

Shame they are still pricey atm :(
Showerhead 18th June 2011, 22:11 Quote
Don't see me using kinect for gaming but could see it being used as a remote to save me from having to get up from bed when watching tv and movies.
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