Kinect made to work in Garry's Mod

Kinect made to work in Garry's Mod

A Garry's Mod player has hacked Kinect to be compatible with the popular HL2 mod, Garry's Mod.

A Garry's Mod fan has released a mod that allows Microsoft's motion-tracking camera for the Xbox 360, Kinect, to work with popular Half-Life 2 sandbox game, Garry's Mod.

The mod lets users directly put their on-camera movements into the game, manipulating complex environments and ragdolls in a way that matches their own movements.

'I thought it'd be neat to get Kinect data into a game engine that supported physics so I could interact with objects in a virtual world,' said Garry's Mod fan John B. 'I chose Garry's Mod for Valve's Source engine because it can be easily scripted using Lua.'

The titular Garry, mod-creator Garry Newman, has since said on his blog that he would love to integrate the mod into the official Garry's Mod release at some point.

You can read more about the mod on Yelp, but we also recommend checking out the video below to see Kinect in action via Garry's Mod.

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Flanananagan 11th March 2011, 17:46 Quote
Dogbert666 11th March 2011, 17:47 Quote
Epic mod is epic.
Tulatin 11th March 2011, 17:57 Quote
Though it's neat, holy crap it's laggy.
bob_lewis 11th March 2011, 18:07 Quote
Most excellent!
Picarro 11th March 2011, 18:17 Quote
So. Much. Win.
chomps1891 11th March 2011, 18:31 Quote
like a lot
bogie170 11th March 2011, 20:10 Quote
I like dat! Funny! When they releasing kinect for pc?
Pete J 11th March 2011, 23:45 Quote
That is awesome.
Snips 12th March 2011, 09:01 Quote

(Will Kinect now come with that warning the virtual reality headsets used to come with like "Don't use at the edge of cliff and don't run with scissors!")
John_T 12th March 2011, 09:48 Quote
That guy's a genius!

(His dancing is a bit wonky mind you, but he's a genius so we'll let that pass...). :)
DwarfKiller 12th March 2011, 10:42 Quote
I can't think of a much better game for it.
Dreaming 12th March 2011, 14:56 Quote
That's incredible.
sixfootsideburns 13th March 2011, 04:42 Quote
Originally Posted by Tulatin
Though it's neat, holy crap it's laggy.

give it a little while and that will change. I can't imagine a new iteration of the code is very far off and I'm sure there are plenty of ways they will find to optimize it. This is definitely an awesome idea
Lemninas 18th March 2011, 21:38 Quote
This is extremely awesome and I'd love to use this mod when possible, but, do you plan to integrate a feature to let you use weapons, like the hl2 weapons, phys gun, and tool gun? Possibly weapons added from addons?
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