EA: More Mass Effect for early 2011

EA: More Mass Effect for early 2011

More Mass Effect 2 DLC has been uploaded to the Cerberus Network today - new armour and a new shotgun.

Electronic Arts executive John Schappert has revealed to investors that there may be another new Mass Effect title - or expansion, at least - available by the start of next year.

Schappert wouldn't confirm whether he was talking about the third act of the Mass Effect trilogy though and merely alluded to "something far-reaching for Mass Effect" that would be on the way early 2011.

If you plan to play the third game in the series then be sure to keep hold of your savegames too, as Bioware has confirmed that Mass Effect 2 savegames can be carried over to the third game, just as saves from the first can be used in the second.

In other Mass Effect 2 news, Bioware is releasing some more new, free downloadable content to the Cerberus Network today, according to Eurogamer.

The first is a new Cerberus Assault Armour which boosts heavy weapon capacity, shields and health by 10 percent. The second is an M22a Eviscerator Shotgun that is effective at greater ranges that other shotguns.

You can check out our Mass Effect 2 review for more information on the game, or listen to the latest games podcast to hear our thoughts on the available DLC - including some items you might have missed elsewhere. Either way, let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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kingred 9th February 2010, 14:08 Quote
dat some mmo?
thEcat 9th February 2010, 14:41 Quote
New DLC. Yay!

Armour. Yawn.
Gun. Yawn.

I thought the industry had learned worthwhile DLC <> 'dog armour'. Still, I'll bite. What are stats on these wonderful new additions? Oh wait, I remember, they removed all the stats :(

A new system or planet would be nice, but they broke this didn't they? Maybe a mission or two, but voice acting turns everything into a major production :( A new interface for the PC version and more than 60 odd save slots? A fix for the way my eyeballs sometimes push through my eyelids?

All I really want is the ability to drive a clunky buggy over the mostly repetitive landscape of a planet or two. Honestly, the new planet/resource exploration system would not have looked out of place 10 years ago. RIP exploration :(

I had several quite rants to myself but in the end I very much enjoyed ME2, mostly due to the writing. The trouble now, since the game has been so servilely streamlined, is what can they possible offer by way of DLC that is of any real or perceived significance? A new outfit aka colour? A new mesh for an item that does exactly the same as a current game item?

I have a feeling that in their haste to streamline or reduce the implementation cost of various features that they have taken things to far and effectively killed their own DLC strategy. There are no longer any metrics by which items can by judged and there are so few items to begin with, there is very little room for additional missions to be added to existing locations and there is little scope for the addition of new locations 'on the cheap'. Hoist by their own petard I fear.

Still, good news about possible expansions/ME3.

You see, I'm not cynical beyond hope. I just feel with ME2 they came very close to snatching mediocrity from the jaws of greatness. ME1's over ambition was often saved by the writing, at least they tried to make things interesting. ME2 shows a lack of ambition, a blandness that even the writing struggles to cover - unless you're after a 2nd rate TPS of course. ME3 will be interesting.
Zut 9th February 2010, 18:49 Quote
DLC already? I'll buy it! I am willing to be a total consumerist whore where Mass Effect is concerned.
klutch4891 9th February 2010, 22:18 Quote
Hmm....I don't see any new DLC, and the website doesn't have any announced either (on the main page anyway; there is a page for the Cerberus Armor)

Edit: Scratch that, I found it. I think I skipped over it the first time.
banshee256 10th February 2010, 00:06 Quote
The good: It's free.
The bad: It's useless. Not customizable, only has 3 bonuses, instead of the 5 my current armour has and the gun might be good, but my Infiltrator has a hard time using it. Actually, he can't in any way, shape or form equip it.

If they're going to release these small DLCs with pieces of armour and weapons, they might as well make some additional helmets or pieces that can be researched and equipped like the normal armour. And users of heavy pistols and SMGs only have 2 choices for each at the moment. There were 3 shotguns and sniper rifles and 4 (if you count promotional items) assault rifles. So why another shotgun I wonder?

About the new stuff in early '11: I hope it's Mass Effect 3. I really do. It's probably unrealistic, but I'm allowed to be naive and hope. But it's probably more DLC, but this time we have to pay for it. Or it's an expansion. Which seems... Weird. I don't quite see what the setting would be, unless it's completely unrelated to the main story.
Bursar 10th February 2010, 11:04 Quote
It shouldn't be news that ME2 saves can be used in ME3. I've lost count the number of times I've that seen that message on the various Loading screens.
pcnerd 10th February 2010, 11:12 Quote
i smell a great amount of rushed and unpolished mass effect which i bet will just be s****y carbon copies of the previous games with even s****y stories and more s****y DLCS
Horizon 10th February 2010, 14:03 Quote
Would everyone here prefer that they go back to SecuROM. I appreciate what EA's trying to do but it feels like they are ripping pages out of valve's book without even reading it.
thEcat 10th February 2010, 20:36 Quote

I'm quite a fan of release day/after purchase DLC. I think DA:O got it spot on with Shale, others disagree. You can finish the game without the Shale DLC but it makes a very worthwhile addition, written in to the whole game as it is. Something like DA:O Soldiers Peak is a nice post sale bonus, quite nice to have but adds little.

As for after sale, the ME1 DLC was much like Soldiers Peak, it added nothing but a little extra play time, I loaded just after the finishing the game, it gave me a little cool down period, one last chance to potter around while saying goodbye. A good experience at the time.

The question I think the industry faces with regards to DLC is one of value, what makes the DLC compelling in the customers eyes? This is especially the case with release day/after purchase DLC. I personally don't consider a recoloured or re textured weapon or outfit to have any value outside an MMO, in fact I played ME2 without using any of the bonus items - perhaps they are of use on higher difficulty levels? As for Zaeed? Very limited appeal. I admit free post sale DLC is another matter, my previous comments were rather scathing but perhaps they are of value to someone - I just wanted a final potter around.

The last part in the DLC puzzle is of course paid for content, this appears to be a mine field for developers and producers. Still, they want this model so it's up to them to work it out.
Jasio 11th February 2010, 03:12 Quote
Schappert == Shepard ... there's more to this than meets the eye!
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