Gaming Podcast 10 - Mass Effect 2 and AvP

Posted on 4th Feb 2010 at 15:59 by Podcast with 10 comments

It's another Custom PC and bit-tech gaming podcast - and this time it is (hopefully) loud enough!

This week Richard, Harry and Joe sit down to talk about Mass Effect 2, Direct2Drive, Mass Effect 2, Aliens vs Predator and Mass Effect 2.

Also, we talk about Mass Effect 2 - but without any spoilers!

There's the usual competitions and giveaways and reader mail too, so tune in to the latest gaming podcast to hear what we have to say about the past fortnight in games!

Don't forget that you can drop us a line at Podcast [at], as well as leaving comments below or following us on twitter.

...Mass Effect 2.


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Ph4ZeD 4th February 2010, 17:41 Quote
Great podcast as usual :)
WildThing 4th February 2010, 20:11 Quote
Originally Posted by Ph4ZeD
Great podcast as usual :)

+1 Love the podcasts, keep 'em coming.

Regarding subtitles in games - Joe, I am exactly the same. I always enable subtitles, and in Mass Effect I read them and get the gist of what's happening before the character has finished talking. So I have force myself to not look at them sometimes and, in the case of Mass Effect, slow down and take it all in.
Blademrk 4th February 2010, 20:54 Quote
Cheers guys, downloading Beyond Good and Evil from GOG as I type ;)
logan'srun 5th February 2010, 14:17 Quote
the sound quality has deffo gone up in the last 2 podcasts, that's much appreciated.

Another great podcast, I think I'll have to go play ME since I never did and then I can check ME2 out!
CardJoe 5th February 2010, 16:56 Quote
Originally Posted by Blademrk
Cheers guys, downloading Beyond Good and Evil from GOG as I type ;)

Let us know what you think.
Radical_Monkey 5th February 2010, 17:36 Quote
So i take it there is a bit about Mass Effect 2 in this podcast? :p
CardJoe 5th February 2010, 17:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Radical_Monkey
So i take it there is a bit about Mass Effect 2 in this podcast? :p

What's Mass Effect 2? :|
oMonarca 9th February 2010, 17:08 Quote
Hello there!

Most of the podcast is really good, but you're coming up like total Steam fanbois. I understand that since Steam adopted UK pricing (and adjusted it), it's been really good, for you in the UK. For us in the rest of Europe, not so much.

The service is good, no question there. But:
It fails quite a few times (friends list down, making impossible to play any online game that uses Steam);
When a game gets patched, the download servers take a huge load and there's not enough mirrors to help out.
Games are over priced. I can import a game for 25£ from, but the same game will be 49.99€ on Steam. In games like Left 4 Dead or Dawn of War 2, the impact is null. However, the majority does not work like that: Dragon Age, Batman Arkham Asylum, Mass Effect, etc

I feel like we are going towards a monopoly. And if we take to heart the old adage "all good things come to an end", I shiver. While the digital alternatives are lacklustre when compared to Steam, they are welcome, IMO. You guys keep touting Steam as the best thing EVAH, while I think that Steam is pretty good but, we, the consumers, benefit when there's more alternatives.

So, welcome Direct 2 Drive.
jesusthemazu 10th February 2010, 18:59 Quote
you all talked about gettinga laptop to do your other work and a console for games. i have done something like that.

i have a laptop that i have been trying to keep up to date for the last 3 years. a compaq presario 1.9ghz dual core AMD laptop. i do everything on this BUT gaming.

i have a rig i built myself with two 8800gts, a dual core AMD Athlon x2 6000+ overclocked to 3.4ghz and i do nothing but game on it.

its like my life and my hobbies, i like to keep them seperate. but, i also travel between my home and another so i dont always need to game as i do get online.
Skibo1219 21st February 2010, 09:30 Quote
I did not purchase ME2 mainly because Dragon Age was such a failure of a launch, without getting into details I will say this, the FIRST time i called for an issue I had to wait for over 2 hours on the phone, the 2nd time was worse...(;
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