Intel releases new, free missions for Far Cry 2

Intel releases new, free missions for Far Cry 2

Intel has sponsored the release of two free missions for the PC version of Far Cry 2.

Intel has sponsored the release of two new new free-to-play missions for the PC version of Far Cry 2 as part of its on-going Game On! campaign.

The missions, called The Morrocan and The American both fit snugly into the main game and sit within the whole Jackal-hunting plot.

The Morrocan is the first mission of the pair and sees the player venturing over to an abandoned Foreign Legion fort in Leboa=Sako territory. There you hope to find an old man with information on where you can continue your hunt for merciless gun-runner, The Jackal.

The second mission, The American, only unlocks when the first one is completed and sees you tracking down your predecessor in the northern mountain ranges surrounding the Dogon village with the hope that they can put you into contact with a new informant who has crucial data about The Jackal.

Both missions are totally free to play and can be downloaded in the latest patch over at Intel's Game On! site. Whether these missions will ever work their way over to consoles as part of a free or premium DLC isn't clear yet, but seems doubtful.

If you've not played Far Cry 2 yet then you can check out our extensive graphics analysis and Far Cry 2 PC review for more information on the game and how it might handle on your system. Also be sure to check out the Far Cry 2 PlayStation 3 mod we recently gave away - it's stunning!

Which is better; the original Far Cry (which is now available for free) or Ubisoft's entirely seperate game Far Cry 2? Let us know what you think in the forums.


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DarkFear 9th December 2008, 12:22 Quote
I was not impressed with FC2 at all, but I might give this a try should I become bored over the holiday season...
Jack_Pepsi 9th December 2008, 12:52 Quote
Oooh, excellent!

As for the Far Cry (1) for free, it's only for the US apparently. I couldn't get it to install.
plagio 9th December 2008, 13:06 Quote
Both missions are totally free to play and can be downloaded in the latest patch over at Intel's Game On! site.

is there a new patch ?
Gunsmith 9th December 2008, 13:36 Quote
no amount of patching could repair the mess that is farcry 2
wuyanxu 9th December 2008, 13:54 Quote
Far Cry 2 just feels like an uninteresting FPS version of GTA4 for me........
quack 9th December 2008, 13:55 Quote
Hmm, I will have to try this. New missions are always good!
Mister_X 9th December 2008, 13:57 Quote
I quite enjoyed far cry 2 really... Repetative but entertaining enough
p3n 9th December 2008, 14:53 Quote
Reminds me of downloading the DLC for mass effect then swearing to never buy/play an addon for a ridiculously long game again!
pimlicosound 9th December 2008, 15:14 Quote
I thoroughly enjoyed FC2 on X360. If people find it boring, I can only assume it's because they didn't experiment with interesting ideas. I did missions in so many different ways, it ended up being as varied as the campaign in COD4. I never got bored and was amazed by the gorgeous open-world environment.

Two things would have made the game better, though:

1. People who don't shoot you on sight, meaning a real civilian population and a way to get through guard checkpoints by being popular with a friendly faction or by paying a bribe.

2. A persistent impact of the player's actions on the conflict. I'm thinking shifting faction territories on the map, gaining popularity with one faction over another so they don't shoot you on sight, and having to strike a balance because if one side wins the war is over too soon and you don't reach the Jackal - so on the one hand you'd want to be popular with one faction so you get more "safe" terrain on the map and maybe more arms dealers, but on the other hand you'd want to make sure you keep both sides in the war otherwise you lose in your quest for the Jackal. Now THAT would have made things more interesting.
Cupboard 9th December 2008, 15:15 Quote
Not a huge amount of use if you have already finished the game... but nice to see anyway
roshan 9th December 2008, 15:51 Quote
far cry 2-boring to death
LeMaltor 9th December 2008, 19:24 Quote
I binned it :)
[PUNK] crompers 9th December 2008, 19:33 Quote
i play the multiplayer a little, never got through the campaign because i just found it infuriating tbh

in fact the multiplayer interface is fairly infuriating too, just an infuriating game really
Redbeaver 9th December 2008, 21:52 Quote
it's a little repetitive, but it was fun :)
Loot3r 10th December 2008, 08:49 Quote
im just bummed that in FC2 i can crouch...take aim.... and fire 1 shot in the head.... and still the enemy stands strong as if he just got hit by a bug on the back of his pip! FC 1 was great due to the fact that it was not trying to be too realistic!
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