Crysis has sold 1m copies in less than 3 months

Crysis has sold 1m copies in less than 3 months

Electronic Arts reported yesterday that Crysis has gone platinum while Orange Box "exceeded expectations".

During the Electronic Arts third quarter earnings conference call yesterday, the games publisher announced that Crysis has gone platinum, but CEO John Riccitiello said that EA is "not satisfied" with the overall third quarter financial results.

That isn't to say there wasn't any success stories in the quarter, as Riccitiello said that Rock Band, Orange Box and Crysis all exceeded expectations.

However, EA was disappointed that none of the big successes were developed internally. "We did not have any internally developed breakaway titles," said Riccitiello. "The closest thing we had to breakaway titles in 2007 were Skate and FIFA," he continued.

He expects Burnout Paradise to be another big hit, but Riccitiello didn't give any more indications than that at this early stage in the game's shelf life.

CFO Warren Jensen hailed the success of new franchise, Skate, as it managed to outsell Tony Hawk's Proving Ground by two copies to one. This was even despite the fact the former only shipped on two platforms (X360, PS3), compared to the latter's five platforms (X360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS).

EA also managed to hold onto its number one publisher status across all platforms, with a 19 percent share of the market in Europe and 18 percent in North America. "We are very pleased with our European results," said Riccitiello, "titles like FIFA, Need for Speed and The Simpsons all charted in the top 10 in Europe."

Despite the successes on the PC though, EA said that PC revenue was down by 30 percent compared to last year, but the company said that this was down to blockbuster franchises such as The Sims and Battlefield releasing new titles.

There's been a lot of talk about the state of PC gaming recently, especially after NPD's study which claimed only 14 percent of all retail sales were PC games, but that study neglected to take digitally distributed sales into account - a massive factor in the PC games industry these days. Our own Brett Thomas sounded off on this very topic earlier today, so check out his column.

In the meantime, discuss EA's bricks and bouquets of the last quarter in the usual place.


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specofdust 2nd February 2008, 13:08 Quote
Yup, PC games'a dyin'.

You make great games, you sell loads. Hopefully this will make companies remember that fact.
Lepermessiah 2nd February 2008, 13:50 Quote
Just shows how ignorant some media are, they compare PC sales to 7 other platforms combined, and do not factor in one of the biggest ways to putchase games on PC, digital distribution.
Zurechial 2nd February 2008, 14:41 Quote
Kinda reinforces what Brett has said, I think.
bubsterboo 2nd February 2008, 15:19 Quote
"EAs own fault that the game got pre-released. And was available to pirates before you could even buy it. I'm sure thats responsible for a large amount of sales lost!"

Edit: Sorry, I mean they could have sold more then they did because of that pre-release incident. Good for crysis for doing so well anyways! Crysis sure deserves it.
Lepermessiah 2nd February 2008, 15:22 Quote
Originally Posted by bubsterboo
EAs own fault that the game got pre-released. And was available to pirates before you could even buy it. I'm sure thats responsible for a large amount of sales lost!

EA's own fault? Wha? Did you understand the article, it sold extremely well.
steveo_mcg 2nd February 2008, 15:56 Quote
Poor EA none of there in house dead horses, were sufficently flogged this year (FIFA etc)
lewchenko 2nd February 2008, 16:30 Quote
EA simply didnt sell of its own brand internally developed games because they were all dire sequels. Just add 08 on the end, update the teams/fixtures and tidy up the graphics = cash cow.

Well maybe not a cash cow for much longer. I despair when I see FIFA 08 and the latest PES riding the charts for so long. I can only assume the *younger* generation are lapping up this drivel.

Oh well... Im sure EA will make a ton more money from another 25 SIMS2 expansion packs this year alone!
zerolock 3rd February 2008, 15:17 Quote
Bigger hit than the iPhone :)
Rebourne 3rd February 2008, 17:32 Quote
Woo go Crysis!

I will be buying you in a few years too...
[USRF]Obiwan 3rd February 2008, 18:01 Quote
Yeah "the sky is falling" especialy when EA releases Fifa number 234 and number 235 of ...... (fill in a ea sportsgame)


Lucky for them to have actually 'new' game creators under the wings that do sell...

Also do they compare wii+ps2+ps3+xbox+x360 sales combined against pc sales?
Jordan Wise 5th February 2008, 14:14 Quote
thats great news, i expect crysis to keep on selling well for a while, as nothing on the planet can yet see it in its true glory, at 1920x1200 4xAA , 16xAF. i can;t get the frames to do it on hard difficultly yet, so i'm definatly revisiting it when the next line of cards (not glue jobs) come out
boiled_elephant 5th February 2008, 22:57 Quote
Same. Crysis will keep flying for months. I'm getting it once I have a new system - in the meantime, I placate myself with STALKER :)
sandys 5th February 2008, 23:07 Quote
No doubt related to the number of pack ins with 8800s rather than retail sales I reckon.
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