Sony gives universities PSP SDK

Sony gives universities PSP SDK

Sony are releasing the PSP SDK, along with other acronymns, to students in the UK. It doesn't look like that though.

Sony has been dominating the gaming news today, with the PSP seeing an uncharacteristic amount of attention thanks to the availability of the God of War PSP mod which is seeing profits donated to charity.

Even better news though, for those in the UK at least, is the announcement Sony has made that it will be releasing the PSP software development kit to students at University at a "vastly reduced rate".

It certainly goes a fair way toward helping to heal old wounds.

SCEE announced the new, non-commercial scheme via the appointed Academic Liaison at the Games:Education day of the Developer Conference, currently being held in Brighton.

The PSP SDK which has been offered to students will come with the same ProDG programming tools and debugging tools used by studios worldwide, according to PocketGamer. Students will be able to get support online through a cloned version of the professional development website, which has a forum for students to interact on. Ooh, swanky!

Further details are unavailable right now, but it's speculated that the launch partners will probably be the University of Abertay Dundee, Sheffield Hallam and Hull, all of which have their own computer programming courses.

So, if you're studying gaming or if you just fancy having a tinker with the PSP SDK then be sure keep an eye on the headlines so you can find out how to get a copy!

Is Sony making a sincere effort to better the face of handheld gaming, or is it just trying to buy it's way back into our hearts after the recent abuse Europe has suffered in PlayStation 3 pricing? If you want to discuss then you'd better get to the forums.


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cjoyce1980 25th July 2007, 15:28 Quote
At huddersfield uni they programmed gameboy & DS games, but there main focus high end platforms. but nintendo make developing for the DS easy as they dont charge you for letting you develop your own apps/games/etc... they want you to develop software

charging developers to make games for your platform is wrong, it should be the other way around. if this is sony business sense, no wonder the PS3 looks like going down the pan! I mean who pays PC game developers other that the customer!?!
DougEdey 25th July 2007, 15:30 Quote
They use GP2X at our uni, dual core systems :D
z3rb 25th July 2007, 18:04 Quote
I hope someone leaks it, so we can have more advanced homebrew ala Xbox.
Saivert 26th July 2007, 10:29 Quote
They already cracked the mystery about Playstation 2 and how to make real applications (read: games) instead of something that ran on top of Sony's own crippled PS2 Linux. If this PSP SDK is leaked I'll bet Sony will be very angry being one of the biggest control freaks in the corporate world.

Having to charge a premium for the SDK is such bullshit. Why do they do it? To cover the development costs of the SDK itself (I know it takes time and resources to design compilers and write documentation and such). Even so offering it for free will help bring more content for the device onto the market. If they are afraid of seeing tons of rubbish games because it didn't come from a professional development studio, that is nonsense too as we have seen lots of indecent games from these studios as well.

They could at least just sell the official signing toolkit (so you don't need cracked firmware) and the documentation so people could use their own compilers and open-source libraries for a cheaper price.
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