Scythe launches Thermal Elixer 2 compound

March 16, 2016 | 11:28

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Japanese cooling specialist Scythe has announced a new high-performance thermal compound, Elixer 2, which it claims offers improved performance compared to its previous generation equivalent.

More properly known as SCTE-2000 Thermal Elixer 2, Scythe's latest compound uses what the company calls 'pure aluminium particle hybrid technology,' precise details of which are unavailable, and is made up of 70 per cent aluminium mixed with 20 per cent zinc oxide in a greasy suspension. The thermal compound is claimed to have a thermal resistance of 0.013 K-in²/W, as per Scythe's official data sheet (PDF warning).

Compared to Scythe's original Thermal Elixer the thermal resistance has improved, but the company claims it has made no sacrifices to achieve that: the paste is, the company says, just as easy to apply, will not dry out under long term use, and is electrically insulative to prevent any nasty shorts if applied incautiously. The paste is suitable for use in environments between -20°C and 120°C, with Scythe claiming that it is equally well suited for use on CPUs and GPUs.

The Thermal Elixir 2 is priced at €4.60 plus VAT, and comes in a larger 5g syringe than its 3.5g predecessor. More information is available from the product page.
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