Cooler Master launches MasterGel Maker thermal compound

December 1, 2015 | 11:19

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Cooler Master has announced the launch of a new thermal compound, dubbed the MasterGel Maker, with a 11W/mK thermal conductivity and high viscosity for easy spreading.

Designed to compete with rival high-end thermal compounds, such as those from Arctic Silver, the Cooler Master MasterGel Maker is based on a gel-consistency carrier containing non-abrasive nanodiamond particles. The result, the company claims, is a high thermal conductivity of 11W/mK - watts per square metre of surface area for a temperature rise of one Kelvin per metre thickness, a standard if somewhat long-winded way of measuring how good a material is at conducting heat - without any risk of cracking or drying and with the promise of easy application and removal.

'Enthusiasts and overclockers need a product that will help deliver the best performance with the lowest electrical conductivity within a short span of time. The MasterGel Maker fills that need,' claimed Ron Classen, Cooler Master product manager, of the launch. 'It has fewer additives, which also makes it extremely lightweight and easy to spread, allowing users to apply it without much difficulty.'

Cooler Master claims that the non-setting compound, which is electrically insulative, is suitable for application to any system component from CPUs and GPUs to chipsets. While the company hasn't offered a lifespan per application, it has claimed that the materials used can withstand extreme temperatures and resist oxidation and erosion over time.

The MasterGel Maker is to be supplied in a retail pack which includes 1.5ml of the compound in a syringe applicator, a degreaser, and a scraper tool. Availability is scheduled to start this week, with a manufacturers' recommended retail price of €9.90.
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