The upcoming high-end CPU battle could depend on motherboard prices

21st Oct. 2019 by Antony Leather

With X570 motherboards demanding huge premiums, Intel's cut-price Cascade Lake-X could benefit from more affordable motherboards compared to 3rd Gen Threadripper.

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Do modern EFIs make physical fan controllers pointless?

3rd Sept. 2019 by Antony Leather

Does the advanced fan control on modern motherboards mean physical fan controllers are redundant?

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The problem with X570 motherboards

9th Aug. 2019 by Antony Leather

AMD's X570 chipset sports fantastic motherboards, but is it a victim of its own forward-thinking?

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What I want to see from next-gen motherboards

7th May 2019 by Antony Leather

Antony's two cents on improvements and features he'd like to see on future motherboards.

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It's time for a change of motherboard aesthetics

24th Jan. 2019 by Antony Leather

Four years ago we asked for colour-neutral motherboards and RGB lighting, but is it time to move on?

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Is M.2 SSD support on AMD motherboards causing confusion?

23rd May 2018 by Antony Leather

X470 motherboards have a huge variation in M.2 port speeds and SATA support, so much so that they risk confusing potential owners.

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Case and motherboard manufacturers need to keep up with storage

26th March 2018 by Antony Leather

Cases have too many SSD mounts, and motherboard M.2 ports should support SATA and PCIe SSDs - and I'm just getting started.

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