343, id veteran Kenneth Scott joins Oculus VR

343, id veteran Kenneth Scott joins Oculus VR

Oculus VR continues to attract top-tier talent, with former 343 and id Software staffer Kenneth Scott its latest hire.

Virtual reality specialist and Facebook subsidiary Oculur VR has hired another gaming veteran in the form of Kenneth Scott, formerly of 343 Industries and id Software, who becomes the company's art director.

Scott was previously the art director at 343 Industries, which took over the Halo franchise following Bungie's split from Microsoft, and prior to that worked for gaming giant id Software alongside John Carmack - who joined Oculus VR as chief technical officer back in August last year prior to the company's $2 billion acquisition by Facebook.

Neither Scott nor Oculus have detailed exactly what the art director will be doing at the company - beyond directing art, of course - except to say that he will be responsible for building the company's first-party content team. Currently, the majority of games and other applications developed for the Oculus Rift headset are made by third-party companies; clearly Oculus VR believes there's benefits to developing first-party content too, likely starting with the company's promised billion-strong MMO title detailed earlier this month.

343 Industries has not yet confirmed a successor to the role of art director.


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Star*Dagger 15th May 2014, 20:35 Quote
I wish everyone could have the experiences that I have had with John (Carmack) and Ken (Scott).

Both are geniuses, working at the forefront of their field. John seems poised to revolutionize PC Gaming, for the 2nd time!

You will not have to worry about a monitor anymore, all gaming from 2015 onward will be done in Oculus Rift.

Yours in Oculus Rift Plasma,
rainbowbridge 15th May 2014, 21:29 Quote
umm. lol one of the things you could say as well is all the people that are not knowing about rift and VR and sticking to their monitors... right .... and then at some point in the future be it 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. heck even 3 years.... BOOOOOOOOMMMMM it is going to be the biggest event in a true gamers "mind", the transportation of your head into game.

Its the update rate that got me, the prompt interaction and atmosphere that the rift created, like you could put your hand outside of the lunar module of Lunar Flight (example) and catch some of that moon regolith.

Thing about this VR revolution is that its real, and its fluky because its paired with a mobile phone industry that is really getting up to speed and creating some marvellous screen technology which enables options.

Even if rift was semi ok .... like a 1/4 as good as it is now, it would STILL be enough for a clear road map, and now we have facebook and SONY who is actually saying ok yeah we have worked on this but we did not have enough courage to bring it out as pioneers.

In 5 years we will be at 2019, 2020, ... 5nm scale fabrication and options of other material substrate, battery technology will at least be at multiples of todays capacity because the longer the user is powered the more money they are spending on connection.

Soon you will be able to come home from work put on a headset and as close as chips, be in the occurrence you prefer be it a virtual night club a flight over 1942 ww2 Europe, or engaging in a star fighter tournament or even just meeting people to talk shop.

At some point in the future there will be a kid in some African village that has never see a city that will qualify as a full medical doctor through vr training before the age of 16...

Things are changing... even John Carmack is a faction of 1 percent in this revolution and he is a solid mile stone to go by.

You want full proper virtual reality...
Be careful of what you ask for... there is as much money as required heading towards it.
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