Nvidia to bundle Metro: Last Light with GeForce boards

Nvidia to bundle Metro: Last Light with GeForce boards

Nvidia is to offer a free copy of Metro: Last Light to all GeForce GTX 660 or greater buyers from tomorrow, in response to AMD's Never Settle Reloaded bundle.

The world of discrete graphics is largely split into two camps: the Red Camp and the Green Camp, more properly known as AMD and Nvidia. When one company does something, you can bet the other won't be far behind - and Nvidia has proven this maxim by following in AMD's footsteps and offering free games to buyers of its boards.

AMD further cemented its place in the hearts of its fans with the announcement that its Never Settle Reloaded offer, which bundles up to six games with selected AMD-powered graphics boards, would be getting a copy of bat-crap crazy 80s sci-fi inspired first-person shooter Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon added - valid for new buyers and those who had already redeemed their vouchers.

Where one company follows, the other must inevitably lead, and so it is with no great surprise that Nvidia is planning to announce a new entry in its own Free2Play Gear Up bundle to better compete with AMD's offering. Unlike previous bundle packages, which were limited to in-game equipment or currency for free-to-play titles, Nvidia is going for a full-release game this time around, promising buyers a copy of Metro: Last Light.

As is to be expected, the offer comes with strings attached: according to SweClockers, which learned of Nvidia's plans from an unnamed source, the offer will be valid on purchase of an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 or better from a participating retailer from the 16th of April. Those who have already picked up a graphics card from the Green Camp will be disappointed to hear that, unlike AMD's offer, the improved bundle will be valid on new purchases only.

Full details of the bundle offer are expected to be released tomorrow when Nvidia formally announces the inclusion of Metro: Last Light, while the game itself won't be made available for download until the middle of next month.


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[USRF]Obiwan 15th April 2013, 14:34 Quote
Its better then what I got with my 660TI, a 3 game bundle code for world of tanks, Hawken and Planet side. I will happily trade in all of them just for the game reg for this!
Griffter 17th April 2013, 09:35 Quote
i got a 680 arround the time it came out, or 2-3 months after launch... i feel a little sad i dont get thanked for actually helping them get money to start bundling games with their products :'(
PabloFunky 17th April 2013, 17:52 Quote
Im in the market for a new card, its about time i got it right for once.

Free Metro = Win.
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