Nvidia launches Gear Up game bundle offer

Nvidia launches Gear Up game bundle offer

Nvidia's Gear Up bundle offer in-game credit in free-to-play titles World of Tanks, Planetside 2 and Hawken as a response to AMD's Never Settle free game offer.

Nvidia has unveiled its official answer to rival AMD's 'Never Settle' package: in-game currency for free-to-play titles including upcoming multiplayer mech blaster Hawken.

AMD's most recent upgrade to its Never Settle bundle, announced earlier this month, is likely to tempt plenty of upgraders over to the red camp: depending on the model purchased, buyers get between two and eight triple-A titles including Crysis 3 and BioShock Infinite. While the best games are, naturally, reserved for the more expensive cards, it's still a pretty good offer - and a quick glance at the forum marketplace shows a few people making use of the bundle to reduce the cost of their upgrade by selling the codes on.

Nvidia's equivalent, announced by the company late last night, isn't quite so impressive. Rather than bundling triple-A titles with its cards - and with most publishers likely to have agreed at least timed exclusivity with AMD as part of the Never Settle bundle terms - the company is instead concentrating elsewhere. Specifically, on free-to-play titles.

Now, giving away a free-to-play title with a graphics card isn't exactly a great deal: they are, after all, free to play. What Nvidia is doing instead is to offer in-game currency for a selection of the most popular and anticipated free-to-play titles, allowing Nvidia gamers to gain an edge over their AMD-equipped rivals without having to spend any real-world cash of their own.

Three free-to-play titles have been chosen to form the bundle: World of Tanks, Planetside 2 and Hawken. The deal sees buyers of the Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 and GeForce GTX 650 Ti receive £48 of in-game credit split between the three games in the form of 2,050 gold and one month premium membership to World of Tanks, the Gear Up Pack - comprising Infantry Camo, Weapon Camo, an exclusive gun, a seven-day boost to experience gained and a seven-day resource boost equivalent to 2,500 in Station Cash - in Planetside 2 and 3,600 Meteor Credits in Hawken.

The buyers of more expensive GeForce GTX 660 cards, and anything higher, will see that offer extended to £99 of in-game credit split as 7,500 gold and the same month's premium membership to World of Tanks, the Premium Gear Up Pack - comprising the same contents as the non-Premium version with the addition of Vehicle Camo, and a seven-day boost to squad experience and resources for a total equivalence to 5,000 Station Cash - for Planetside 2 and 7,200 Meteor Credits in Hawken.

Additionally, those who have not yet joined World of Tanks will see a bonus of either 1,500 gold for the GeForce GTX 650 and GTX 650 Ti bundle or 2,500 gold for the GTX 660 or above bundle. As with AMD's Never Settle bundle, the deal is valid in the UK along with the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North America and Asia when a board is purchased from a participating retailer.

Whether in-game credits for free-to-play titles will be enough to tempt buyers away from AMD's Never Settle bundle, however, remains to be seen.


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Mankz 12th February 2013, 10:53 Quote
AMD's offer is more attractive to me, personally.
Bloody_Pete 12th February 2013, 10:57 Quote
My best mate will be annoyed as he got a 670 not long ago and plays all 3...
rollo 12th February 2013, 13:15 Quote
Depends what you play i guess. All 3 titles are popular in the F2P market.
Chicken76 12th February 2013, 16:22 Quote
Their page only lists the "selected retailers" for four countries: UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
Those hardly cover the EMEA region, or even Europe. Are they going to add more?

Also, when will this campaign start?
Gareth Halfacree 12th February 2013, 16:58 Quote
Originally Posted by Chicken76
Their page only lists the "selected retailers" for four countries: UK, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
Those hardly cover the EMEA region, or even Europe. Are they going to add more?
Pass: Nvidia's official press release states the areas mentioned in the article, but doesn't provide a link to anywhere but the US claim page. The page you've linked to, meanwhile, is on - so I'm surprised it has *anything* other than UK and IE retailers on it.
Originally Posted by Chicken76
Also, when will this campaign start?
The campaign started on Monday in the US, so any purchases from today onwards internationally are valid.
Chicken76 12th February 2013, 19:12 Quote
Originally Posted by Gareth Halfacree
The campaign started on Monday in the US, so any purchases from today onwards internationally are valid.
In order to claim the in-game bonuses, you have to have a code. That code you get from a coupon that supposedly comes with the graphics card. But that's not guaranteed, so not every single purchase from tomorrow morning onwards till April 30th is eligible.

Even on their site they say: "Please check the product description of the graphics card you are purchasing to confirm that the coupon is included."

So people, don't rush to the stores to get any GeForce 650 and up card thinking you'll automatically get the bonuses. Look for the coupon, or ask for one.
Snips 13th February 2013, 09:10 Quote
Bundling games with GFX cards will not make me buy from either Nvidia or ATi. The quality of the card, drivers and performance and positive reviews here of course help me choose which card to buy. That has often than not guided me to a Nvidia card. The rest is just filler.
Lance 13th February 2013, 09:24 Quote
This does actually tempt me, but only because I was looking at getting a 650 or 660 and I play PS2 & WOT pretty much exclusively these days.

I might have to save a bit of cash after my NY trip this week.
Omnituens 13th February 2013, 12:38 Quote
Well if anyone here pics up a code and doesn't want it, I could really do with some more WoT gold for... umm... science.
Chicken76 13th February 2013, 16:24 Quote
Since yesterday, another retailer from Denmark has been listed on the promotion's page.

There's another issue that hasn't been clarified: whether buying two cards for an SLI setup grants you twice the bonuses. It would only be fair, since you're paying double the money and the second card, had it been bought by another person would be eligible for a bonus too.
Their terms and conditions page only says: "Limit one offer per person per transaction." Is this legalese for: you only get the bonus one, no matter how many cards you buy?
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