AMD launches Intel-powered server product

AMD launches Intel-powered server product

AMD SeaMicro's latest server is available in Opteron or - shock-horror - Intel Xeon-powered flavours.

AMD's recently-acquired SeaMicro division has announced its latest high-performance computing products, putting the company in the somewhat odd position of selling products based around rival Intel's chips.

AMD acquired SeaMicro back in March for $334 million following the company's worrying trend of producing high-performance, low-power servers based on rival Intel's Atom processor lines. It was a big cash purchase, putting AMD well in the red for the quarter, but a gamble the company was willing to take in its efforts to claw back market share in the data centre.

Just because SeaMicro is now AMD SeaMicro doesn't mean it's giving up on its old product lines, and the company's latest creation is available in two flavours. The first is, naturally, the recommended configuration, comprising as it does 64 Opteron octo-core processors running at speeds of up to 2.8GHz and packing 4TB of RAM. The second, however, may come as a surprise: a version with 64 3.1GHz Intel Ivy Bridge-based quad-core Xeon chips and supporting up to 2TB of RAM.

Just in case you can't quite believe what you've read, let's put it another way: AMD is now selling Intel processors.

Described as the first microserver to support Ivy Bridge Xeons, the AMD SeaMicro SM15000 offers 256 processing cores and up to 2TB of RAM along with up to SeaMicro's patented Freedom Fabric storage array technology in a 10U rack-mount chassis. By default, the system includes support for 64 internal SATA drives, but this can be expanded using the Freedom Fabric interconnect system to connect the server to up to 1,408 drives. Network connectivity is offered through up to 16 10-gig-E links or 64 gigabit Ethernet links.

In other words: it's a beast of a system.

Clearly, AMD is positioning the Intel version below the Opteron-based equivalent: with half the logical processors and a maximum of 2TB to the Opteron version's 4TB of RAM, those looking to make the most of their 10U rack space will be plumping for AMD's version.

That leaves those on a tighter budget looking at the Intel-powered version, and puts AMD in a somewhat difficult position: the more SM15000 units its SeaMicro division sells the better, but the more Intel chips it helps to shift the harder it will be for AMD's chip division to win much-needed market share from its giant rival.


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Madness_3d 11th September 2012, 11:01 Quote
Would so love to fold on one of those :D
Guinevere 11th September 2012, 11:18 Quote
Sounds like the best decision AMD has made in years.

Buy in a company with good people, good tech, (good patents?) + good products and let them continue being a success.

Market share is for the birds. Look at Apple, they certainly don't have the 'market share' when it comes to computers , and arguably they don't have the 'market share' when it comes to smart phones... but they've not just got a string market share when it comes to profit, they've got the lions share!

In super scale computer area AMD are already doing okay I'd imagine, and keeping SeaMicro able to sell to more people is only going to get them more profit rather than less profit.

If SeaMicro dropped intel they'd sell less machines as customers would be served elsewhere.
Krikkit 11th September 2012, 11:28 Quote
...And in other news Satan is skating to work, and there are reports that scientists in the US have created a new breed of Sus Scrofa Domestica which has wings.
xxxsonic1971 11th September 2012, 11:38 Quote
Originally Posted by Krikkit
...And in other news Satan is skating to work, and there are reports that scientists in the US have created a new breed of Sus Scrofa Domestica which has wings.

nice 1!!
rollo 11th September 2012, 12:54 Quote
Good news for AMD as if they canned the intel CPUs they would lose customers in a small market.
play_boy_2000 11th September 2012, 16:50 Quote
A smart decision by AMD. Although, i don't doubt that the sales folk will be prodded to push the AMD units, there will still be those customers that demand intel. Why walk away from perfectly good Profit?
Fizzban 11th September 2012, 17:16 Quote
If that thread title had been anywhere else I would have thought it was a joke.

I hope it pays off for AMD.
Star*Dagger 11th September 2012, 22:56 Quote
They are also making money off of an Intel product, WIN for AMD
greigaitken 12th September 2012, 00:43 Quote
whats to stop intel giving SeaMicro a raw deal now, thus the company value declines
TWeaK 12th September 2012, 12:14 Quote
Originally Posted by greigaitken
whats to stop intel giving SeaMicro a raw deal now, thus the company value declines

Probably the threat of more anti-trust lawsuits. Anyway, after the last one Intel and AMD are all chummy, remember? They made a 5-year cross-licensing agreement.
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