AMD shipping Llano in April, says industry analyst

AMD shipping Llano in April, says industry analyst

AMD's Llano CPUs will reportedly ship in April.

A well-informed semiconductor analyst over at financial consultants Sterne Agee has today announced that AMD will begin shipping its long awaited Llano APUs as soon as April.

These early shipments are purportedly only going to large PC vendors such as HP and Acer, though, rather than the retail channel.

This news contrasts sharply with previous stories regarding Llano’s launch date, as well as AMD's current guidelines to expect the processors in ‘summer 2011.'

According to The Wall Street Journal's Tech Trader Daily Blog, though, these suggestions were rebutted by the analyst, who said that he'd always expected the chips to ship in the second quarter of this year all along.

The same analyst also told Tech Trader Daily that AMD’s eagerly anticipated Bulldozer APUs are set for release in the third quarter of this year, rather than the second quarter. If true, this would result in Bulldozer arriving after Llano.

However, VR-Zone points out that the definition of 'summer' in the US is technically late May to early September, so shipping in time for a May release could still fit in with AMD's current official schedule.

Of course, none of this has been officially confirmed by AMD, so make sure you season the information well, but would a last minute change to AMD's current release schedule surprise you? Let us know in the forums.


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NethLyn 24th March 2011, 16:37 Quote
The Sandy Bridge window of opportunity's gone and retailers have been dropping prices on AM3 stuff to make way - I've gone from AM2+ to AM3, the backbone with just an Athlon II coming in under £120 and still with the full range of the other CPUs where prices will only fall further as upgrade options.

They should release the latter parts sooner as well for the health of the company, they need revenue back from the bread and butter, not just graphics cards.
Platinum 24th March 2011, 17:19 Quote
Half tempted to get one of these, as I understand it you can get a add in GPU and use hybrid crossfire between the two.
A A6-3550 Quad core with 400 shaders paired with say a Saphire 5670 Ultimate should make for a awesome medai / lan pc thats pretty much silent.
Narishma 24th March 2011, 18:29 Quote
Bulldozer isn't an APU, is it?
Ninja_182 24th March 2011, 19:26 Quote
Just out of interest is this the double L at the start a long L or a Welsh double L? I cant wait for the video interviews if it's the latter.
sWW 24th March 2011, 19:27 Quote
Are the graphics chips on these supposed to be better than those found on Sandy Bridge procs?
frontline 24th March 2011, 20:54 Quote
Originally Posted by sWW
Are the graphics chips on these supposed to be better than those found on Sandy Bridge procs?

Looks like it,2883.html

Will be interesting to see what the price/performance is like on Llano.
HourBeforeDawn 24th March 2011, 23:55 Quote
cant wait ^_^
Unknownsock 25th March 2011, 10:12 Quote
Really wish they gave out for info, as i was waiting for Llano or Bullzdozer for my next build but SB came first..
REMF 25th March 2011, 11:11 Quote
the dual core with 160 shaders seems like a winner to me, should have a TDP of 25W which will it to be used in slimline 11.6" chassis's.

i want.
xaser04 28th March 2011, 11:29 Quote
Originally Posted by sWW
Are the graphics chips on these supposed to be better than those found on Sandy Bridge procs?

In terms of gaming performance, easily better.

The GPU inside Llano is essentially a HD5650 mobility which easily trounces the HD3000 found in any mobile Sandybridge part (the latter being slightly quicker than a HD5450m). Expect playable performance @ 720p and medium settings is most up to date games. Not bad really.

EDIT: Sorry the above is for the 400SP part found in the Quad core models. The Dual core's 160SP part should still perform better than the HD3000 although they will be close. I would give the nod to AMD simply due to better / more up-to-date driver support.
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