AMD Bulldozer and Llano launch dates reportedly leaked

AMD Bulldozer and Llano launch dates reportedly leaked

AMD's Bulldozer APUs are set to be AMD's first to feature dual-thread processing per physical core.

The Internet is currently buzzing with a number of intriguing stories about AMD’s future processor line up. Xbit Labs, for instance, says that some of its industry sources have leaked the specific launch dates for AMD’s forthcoming APUs, codenamed Llano and Bulldozer.

According to the site's sources, AMD will start shipping its brand new high-end desktop Bulldozer APUs on the week commencing 20 June 2011. These are likely to be top-end parts with the familiar FX brand name, and they'll be looking to compete with Intel’s LGA1366 processors.

According to the website's sources, the Bulldozer APUs will come in eight-core, six-core and quad-core variants, which will be released with the FX8000, FX6000 and FX4000 model names respectively.

There is less information about the mid-range and mobile-targeted Llano parts, but Xbit's sources say that AMD will ship these in the week commencing 4 July. This could enable the more modestly priced APUs to cash in on some of the good press that AMD hopes to have generated with the Bulldozer launch.

Meanwhile, Turkish tech site Donanim haber is running with a purportedly leaked Power Point slide detailing what looks like AMD’s mobile CPU line-up for the next two years, spanning everything from sub-12in portables to performance machines.

AMD Bulldozer and Llano launch dates reportedly leaked AMD Bulldozer and Llano details purportedly leaked

The slide details three flavours of Llano chips for 2011, coming in two-core, three-core and quad-core variants. According to the slide, all the CPUs will support 1,600MHz DDR3 memory, and will also feature integrated DirectX 11 GPUs.

Could an eight-core AMD FX chip compete with Intel's LGA1366 CPUs, or has Fusion turned up too late to the party? Let us know your theories in the forums.


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dangerman1337 8th March 2011, 12:07 Quote
I think Bulldozer is different to this year's Fusion APUs, Bulldozer is a totally new architecture while the Fusion's CPU is based on the Phenom 2 (with a GPU on the same die though). Though Next year's Fusion APU will.
Elledan 8th March 2011, 12:12 Quote
Should be in time for my upcoming new system build :)
Hustler 8th March 2011, 12:46 Quote

6 Core bulldozer sounds just right for Battlefield 3 and beyond.
MrJay 8th March 2011, 12:53 Quote
I hope some partners release an AM3 + ITX board

Im in love with my current AM3 ITX rig : ) *Swoon*
Instagib 8th March 2011, 12:56 Quote
Could an eight-core AMD FX chip compete with Intel's LGA1366 CPUs

Maybe, but can they compete with 2011 which'll be hot on their heels?
Floyd 8th March 2011, 13:17 Quote
Meh, I like my Sandybridge just fine :)
Aracos 8th March 2011, 13:21 Quote
Looking to compete with LGA1366? What? Surely they should be looking to compete with LGA1155 or LGA2011? Looking to compete with a platform that's death has been announced seems strange to me.
azazel1024 8th March 2011, 15:54 Quote
The problem is that they can't compete with what Intel has release yet. Mostly because it hasn't been release yet (2011) :D.

Okay really its because, sadly AMD can't compete on the same level. They can do dollars per Gigflop, but that is about it. Now Bulldozer might change this and push them to be able to compete in overall performance (still not gigflop per core, but the core count is likely to be higher), but I am not that hopeful.

I think one of the biggest issues is that with process shrinks, die costs go down. So it makes it harder for AMD to compete on price as well. A processor that is 90% as fast at 75% of the cost might be a bargain when you are trying to win a sale against a $300 processor...90% as fast at 75% of the cost at $200 is much less of a bargain not just in dollar terms, but % of system budget.

I fondly remember the day that AMD was better than Intel. Sigh. Oh well, maybe it'll happen again some day. Hopefully it is because AMD releases a winning architecture, not that Intel goofed and architecture or got complacent.
andrew8200m 8th March 2011, 17:53 Quote
2011 (3 years after the release of 1366) to compete with 1366... These are dark days :(
technogiant 8th March 2011, 18:16 Quote
Of course we will have to wait for benchmarks but I think bulldozer and sandybridge are going to be very close in performance.

I was thinking that may give AMD the advantage as their socket/platforms generally have greater longevity but I'm not sure this time around.

This year bulldozer is gong to be cpu only but next year it will be I don't see this years socket having much longevity as I doubt the two will be compatible.

On the contrary I would imagine that sandy bridge will have socket compatibility with next years ivybridge as it is just die shrink.

I'd like to support AMD but think the first bulldozer platforms upgrade options are sadley going to be limited.
frontline 8th March 2011, 18:38 Quote
Bulldozer out before Llano eh? I might have to hold off on a Sandy Bridge upgrade for a few months to see what the performance is like.

Bonus paid at the end of March, hmm, can i resist spending on something else in the meantime...
damien c 10th March 2011, 16:03 Quote
Originally Posted by frontline
Bulldozer out before Llano eh? I might have to hold off on a Sandy Bridge upgrade for a few months to see what the performance is like.

Bonus paid at the end of March, hmm, can i resist spending on something else in the meantime...

My bonus gets paid the end of this month as well as I am trying to find reason's not to upgrade to a sandy bridge cpu, from my current I7 950 @ 4.2ghz but I can't find any reason not to as they are allot better for video work etc.

I have the same problem with graphic's as well as I have a GTX 480 and I am thinking of a GTX 580 sli setup but, with the GTX 590 around the corner I am again stuck.

I do hope AMD finally have a cpu that can compete with Intel on performance rather than just price, currently they can't and means I am stuck on Intel.

I remember the days of AMD being king long time ago though.
thelaw 10th March 2011, 16:53 Quote
Yip bit late to the party once again...

AMD CEO - "Great we can now complete with the intel 1366s, we will dominate the market and take back market share"

AMD Development team - "umm boss you do know that intel have released a next gen chip something called sandybridge?":|

AMD CEO- "Damn"

I too await the reviews but i wont hold my breath on these new chips vs sandybridge...
adidan 10th March 2011, 17:31 Quote
Looks like in 2012 I'll buy that CPU called 'piledriver' and put it in my GF's rig. :)

How could I not?
frontline 17th March 2011, 20:24 Quote
Techpowerup are now touting an 11th June release date for the FX chips
Dwarfer 8th August 2011, 12:50 Quote
Apologies for digging up an old thread. I cannot find the latest.

I thought I'd share my findings. Apparently AMD are to launch their server side CPU's next month but the FX Range won't be until a month or 2 later.

This is a bummer... I was hoping to upgrade next month :(
Action_Parsnip 8th August 2011, 13:35 Quote
There is SOO MUCH fluff around bulldozer performance and the launch dates, ...I prefer to just wait till September, when it should launch, and then think about the rumours.

Really the waters are just soo muddy around this chip, feel it's best to just not look at any more tit-bits until nearer the time it's due to arrive.
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