MSI ships fixed Sandy Bridge motherboards

MSI ships fixed Sandy Bridge motherboards

Look for this logo on MSI LGA1155 motherboards, as well as a 'B3' suffix on the model name.

MSI has just announced that its first Sandy Bridge motherboards with the revised B3-stepping chipset have started to leave its factories.

The company's components marketing specialist, Scott Bentley, told us that ‘all being well, we hope to have stock at our key resellers during the week commencing 7 March.

The new H67 and P67 chipsets with B3 stepping resolve the flaw in Intel’s original chipsets, which can lead to performance degradation and data corruption over the SATA 3gbps channels after a year or two of regular use.

MSI will highlight these revised boards with a slightly baffling sticker proclaiming the board to be ‘MSI B3 Stepping Ready.’ Of course, the board either has the B3-stepping chipset or it doesn’t – whether or not the board is ready for B3 silicon is irrelevant.

At least there’s an attractive logo on the box, which reassures customers that the board has the fixed chipset. MSI has shown us two examples of B3 motherboards and their packaging, so you can see what you need to look for.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

In addition to the B3 sticker, each new revision mainboard will have further B3 branding as a part of the product code and retail box,’ MSI told us. This takes the form of a B3 suffix for the name of the product, as well as a grey square on the box that says 'B3' in the middle.

MSI also repeated its promise that ‘UK customers who currently own a potentially affected motherboard will soon be able to register with MSI UK to exchange their board for an updated version.’ There will be more news on how to do this soon, with Bentley telling us that ‘our end user exchange program will be starting up around the same time [as B3 MSI boards go on sale].

In the meantime, MSI has released its SATA Verifier utility, which tells you whether the storage devices plugged into your LGA1155 motherboard are potentially at risk or not.

Is the news you’ve been awaiting? Have you got a Sandy Bridge system that worries you every time you fire it up? Let us know in the forums.


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Landy_Ed 25th February 2011, 17:55 Quote
Good for them!

When are Asus going to announce?
thelaw 25th February 2011, 18:43 Quote
I would imagine they will as soon as they the stuff on the way via the "boat" will also be a bit of a race to grab some market share as well given that if MSI can stock new B3's people may buy them rather than wait for say Gigabyte/asus etc to stock - so you should see the other board makers shipping soon..assuming they have enough built..

If Msi state state "all being well, we hope to have stock at our key resellers during the week commencing 7 March.’" then the others will likely announce next week too some time.
Floyd 25th February 2011, 20:01 Quote
Cmon Gigabyte!!!
Spectrator 25th February 2011, 23:54 Quote
ASRock also announced shipping of new boards few days ago.
Gradius 25th February 2011, 23:58 Quote
Sleepstreamer 26th February 2011, 11:07 Quote
Originally Posted by Landy_Ed
Good for them!

When are Asus going to announce?
Salty Wagyu 26th February 2011, 14:18 Quote
Just saw on Scan that the new models are identified by having -B3 at the end of the model names (Gigabyte GA-H67MA-UD2H-B3). Good way to be sure you're getting the revised boards :)
V3ctor 26th February 2011, 20:07 Quote
The store where I bought my P8P67, says that we have to deliver the "bad" boards until the end of May, I might stretch my RMA to see if I can get a trade-in (mobo+money) and buy a Z68 motherboard :P
MSHunter 27th February 2011, 09:32 Quote
what will be interesting to see is how the main e-tailers handle thier overclocked bundles with this board.
thelaw 27th February 2011, 10:24 Quote
All customers who already own any ASUS product affected by the design error identified by Intel® can have it replaced free of charge between 2011/03/01 and 2011/06/30.:? you have three months only to return your boards and then that is it?

Gee i am getting mine sorted on the 1st then.
Palmski 28th February 2011, 10:45 Quote
I also notice that the board I was interested in getting (Asus P8P67 LE) is listed as being £15 more expensive on scan for the "Rev3" version. I'm hoping that's a mistake and not an indication of an impending price gouge across the board for the fixed boards.
thelaw 28th February 2011, 10:56 Quote
Yip, i would suggest Palmski the prices will actually go up, most of the board prices you had been seeing recently were introductory launch prices from Jan to get people buying sandybridge boards and cpu's however the prices were actually expected to go up gradually up after a few months it usually does.

Then until the issue regarding the chips came in, most retailers then had to keep the prices at the same launch price to get rid of the stock.

However i expect the new boards will come out with a higher price tag and climb further for a bit not because they are "fixed" but because it was the price they would have slowly moved up to anyhow given they are the best and latest hardware out there..with nothing threatening sandybridge from AMD intel can pretty much dictate prices...

Your likely to see the sandybridge cpu chips go up in price soon as well.
Palmski 28th February 2011, 12:01 Quote
Bah humbug, makes me wish I had actually bought a "defective" board instead, I won't need the SATA ports at risk of failure. Sounds like I won't be able to get a sub-£100 P67 board after all without sitting and waiting for a year or so.

Chalk one up to experience....
RichCreedy 1st March 2011, 23:13 Quote
whoever shouted for gigabyte to come on, they are shipping the new boards as well
Palmski 4th March 2011, 10:29 Quote
Well Scan now has the B3 version of the Asus board I wanted in stock, and others too. Get in before the price goes up even more then I guess!
Fingers66 4th March 2011, 10:36 Quote
B3 will be more expensive.

Example prices from Scan:

Asus P8P67-M PRO (B2) - £104

Asus P8P67-M PRO Rev3 - £118.40

Both are pre-order prices so could change.
Palmski 4th March 2011, 10:40 Quote
Yeah seems to be a 15% hike across the board, but the headline news is that some B3 boards are in stock and more have availability dates of next week. Somewhat earlier than expected but good news. Mine should be arriving Monday ;)
glendronach 12th March 2011, 11:51 Quote
Anyone with an MSI board has until 30th April to register. They are offering two replacement methods Standard and In Advance.
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