Nvidia Launches Tegra Zone

Nvidia Launches Tegra Zone

Nvidia's Tegra Zone offers 'enhanced' games to Android users with Tegra-powered hardware.

Shortly after showing off several Tegra 2 smartphones at CES, graphics bigwig Nvidia has now announced an Android app that the company hopes will encourage game developers to get behind the platform.

Dubbed Tegra Zone, the app will offer access to reviews, screenshots, videos and behind-the-scenes footage of what Nvidia calls 'enhanced games for your mobile device powered by an Nvidia Tegra mobile processor.'

The one-stop app highlights games available for Google's increasingly popular open-source mobile platform, and these will come from Google's own Android Market, as well as other sources. The idea is that it will convince both developers and consumers that Android-based devices can offer serious competition to Apple's iOS-based iPhone and iPad platforms for portable gaming.

Sadly, as the name suggests, Nvidia will be using the Tegra Zone app to push the benefits of its own Tegra line of ARM-based mobile system-on-chip designs. Users of Android devices that use an ARM processor from another manufacturer, such as Qualcomm or Texas Instruments, won't be able to install the app at all.

That said, it sounds like a useful app for anyone who's shelled out for a tablet or smartphone with a Tegra 2 under the hood, such as the LG Optimus 2X 'superphone' announced at CES last week, but only time will tell if developers start treating Android as a serious competitor in the mobile gaming market.

The app, which is expected to be free for all Android users with a Tegra-powered device, is due to launch soon in the Android Market.

Will Nvidia's Tegra Zone push the company's mobile processing platform forward, or has it missed something vital? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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Cthippo 10th January 2011, 17:47 Quote
So basically you download an app that advertises games to you?

No Thanks!
Judge Zetsumei 10th January 2011, 23:28 Quote
This is a good idea. With the amount of junk that is on the android marketplace it can be difficult to find something decent. At least this app will filter out those junk games to ones that actually take advantage of your phone.
DbD 11th January 2011, 00:37 Quote
Nvidia is pretty good at value add for their hardware.

Sounds like an appstore+ for tegra 2 powered android phones + tablets, I expect it'll include the tegra 2 optimised games and stuff like that. On the other side nvidia's bound to be doing a TWIMTBP'd type thing for tegra to help developers make the most of the phones.

I suppose like in the video card world this will go down very badly with everyone who doesn't own a tegra device but I don't have a problem with it. Better then them doing nothing.
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