Samsung launches 1TB laptop drive

Samsung launches 1TB laptop drive

Samsung's new Spinpoint drive offers a 1TB capacity, but in a chunky 12.5mm thick casing.

Samsung has announced the launch of its first 1TB Spinpoint-series 2.5" hard drive, designed for use in laptops that need a boost to their internal storage capabilities.

Dubbed the Spinpoint MT2, the device uses a slightly bulky 12.5mm form factor along with 333GB platters to deliver its impressive storage capacity, and improvements to specifications all around. Samsung claims that the new drive offers 20 percent increased performance and around 4 percent lower power consumption when compared with "competitive drives," although fails to name names.

Sadly for those expecting blazing-fast performance, Samsung is concentrating on power draw and storage capacity with this model: spinning at just 5,400RPM and featuring a last-generation SATA 3.0Gb/s interface, it's not going to compete in any speed trails any time soon.

The company's vice president of storage marketing, I.C. Park, describes the new drive as offering "the largest capacity in what has previously been offered as an option for portable digital devices."

Standard features of the Spinpoint line - including SilentSeek and NoiseGuard, designed to drop noise levels during operation, and shock resistance of up to 400G while operating and 800G while parked - make an appearance, along with Samsung's dynamic balancing technology which the company claims offers enhanced stability and reliability.

Sadly, the bulky form factor may limit the number of people who can make use of the new drive: at 12.5mm thick in order to accommodate the extra platter, there's likely to be a limited number of laptops that can actually fit the Spinpoint MT2.

Are you impressed to see Samsung bringing a 1TB 2.5" drive to market, or are you waiting for the same capacity to become available in a 7,200RPM 9.5mm version before getting excited? Share your thoughts over in the forums.


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REDDEVIL-UK1 20th July 2010, 10:22 Quote
perfect i'll put this in my little shuttle when it's available but i'll be getting the 7200rpm model though :)
Fingers66 20th July 2010, 10:26 Quote
It will be interesting to see if this catches on in the NAS and mini-ITX markets.
proxess 20th July 2010, 10:32 Quote
My laptop came with 640GB 7200rpm which is pretty much enough for a Laptop (even tho it is my only rig).
kHAn_au 20th July 2010, 10:41 Quote
Fantastic! give me 10 of them for a RAID 50!
Tasslehoff 20th July 2010, 10:48 Quote
This is a good sounding drive & will keep my Netbook quiet a must buy
rickysio 20th July 2010, 11:06 Quote
Does SATA6 really matter for HDD's?
CampGareth 20th July 2010, 12:01 Quote
Originally Posted by rickysio
Does SATA6 really matter for HDD's?

It really doesn't, an interface that'll go beyond 375MB/s on a drive that'll hit 80MB/s if you're lucky... whoop de doo.
GiantStickMan 20th July 2010, 12:33 Quote
I've got 1tb in my laptop (2x 500gb) and that's pretty excessive. It's nice to have that much storage but to be honest all my movies etc go onto a network drive - not the laptop. All i keep on there are games and music. Still, I'm definitely not against this in any way.
liratheal 20th July 2010, 16:27 Quote
That'll be nice. For bragging rights, more than anything. That said, I do find the 320 I've got in my lappy to be a touch restrictive.
The_Beast 20th July 2010, 17:27 Quote
Looks like I found my next external hard drive
HourBeforeDawn 20th July 2010, 19:10 Quote
ya I bought a 750gb Seagate and its extra height although minimal still meant I couldnt fit it into my netbook >< so this guy probably wont fit in most laptops/netbooks either...
HourBeforeDawn 20th July 2010, 19:45 Quote
Originally Posted by Tasslehoff
This is a good sounding drive & will keep my Netbook quiet a must buy

which netbook do you have, I tried installing my 750gb in my ASUS 1000HE and it didnt fit and in my ASUS 12.1 ION and same story so save your money, the largest you can fit is what Im using right now and thats a 500gb, maybe a 640 might fit if its only using two platters but the moment it goes to three platters its a no go.
leexgx 20th July 2010, 21:20 Quote
i thought that statement was pointless as well Sata6 makes marginal difference to none at all with HDDs, only applicable to SSD what can use it again 250MB/s is very fast any way and its not that its the speed it can do 4k random access speeds you should be looking at when getting an SSD but even an older SSD like samsung P128 with updated firmware (TRIM support) wipes the floor with HDDs and responds a lot faster
Elton 20th July 2010, 21:50 Quote
Hmm now imagine if one of the sectors got corrupted...big loss.
Jack_Pepsi 21st July 2010, 09:03 Quote
I lurve Samsung HDDs!
*brian* 24th July 2010, 10:34 Quote
MMmm toasted platters. 1TB of data to loose when you've had your laptop on your lap for too long! Having no current backup of all that is going to hurt when that dies!
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