Team17 returns to third party publishing

Team17 returns to third party publishing

Team17's first title as a publisher will be Light, a stealth game with minimalist design that is currently on Greenlight.

Worms creator Team17 is to rejoin the third party publishing world after an absence of almost 20 years.

Its first game to be unveiled under its publishing wing is Light, a stealth game with a minimalist aesthetic which is currently on Steam's Greenlight platform. It has been developed by Brighton-based developer Just a Pixel and has been funded by Team17.

Team17 started out as a publisher 23 years ago and was behind games including Alien Breed, Superfrog and Super Stardust. The company has decided to make a return to the business now because it feels the timing is right for it in terms of the experience Team17 has collected.

'Team17 has an incredible community running into many millions that we can cross-promote within and raise awareness for new IPs and specifically indie games, which are very close to our hearts and something we stand up for,' said a Team17 spokesperson in a press release.

The West Yorkshire-based company also boasts a digital publishing team that has managed to get titles to the tops of several different digital charts on several different platforms.

Team17 appears to be actively soliciting new developers and offer an email address on their website for anyone looking for a publishing partner.

Recently, some of Team17's back catalogue featured in the Humble Bundle's weekly sale.


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Phil Rhodes 14th November 2013, 15:57 Quote
More Alien Breed! More Alien Breed! More dakka!
Yaka 14th November 2013, 23:29 Quote
Alien Breed was ace back in the day, but the new oned are abit meh.

worms was ace in the mid 90s tho i remeber somone made the game orignaly on blits basic or amos before Team 17 got it and started to milk it.

assasin and stardust were ace but were deveoped by someone else.

bodyblows was meh

tbh Project X was the best thing T17 ever did i loved it back in the day
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