The Bureau studio 2K Marin loses its staff

The Bureau studio 2K Marin loses its staff

Following poor critical reception of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified, 2K Marin has been effectively closed with major job losses.

2K Marin, the studio behind titles including The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and BioShock 2, has been the target of severe lay-offs which some sources are stating has effectively closed the division.

Parent company 2K Games has confirmed in a statement to press that layoffs have occured at the studio, whose latest title The Bureau: XCOM Declassified was excoriated by critics for its confused attempts to translate the popular isometric strategy game into a more action-oriented third-person perspective.

'We can confirm staff reductions at 2K Marin,' a 2K Games spokesperson explained. 'While these were difficult decisions, we regularly evaluate our development efforts and have decided to reallocate creative resources. Our goal to create world-class video game titles remains unchanged.'

The company has declined to provide precise numbers, but a source speaking on condition of anonymity to Polygon has claimed that the 'majority' of 2K Marin has been laid off. Another source went still further, stating with '100 per cent' surety that the studio has been closed.

Although the studio's most recent game may not have been the unalloyed success for which its parent company had hoped, 2K Marin's previous titles have been considerably more popular: spun off from Irrational Games following the launch of BioShock, 2K Marin worked on BioShock 2 and BioShock Infinite before the release of The Bureau. Now, however, it looks like the studio's run has come to an end, just six years after its founding.


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mi1ez 18th October 2013, 17:53 Quote
It says a worrying amount about the industry that nobody bats an eyelids or comments in these stories. I remember when there would have been outrage!
1st time modder 18th October 2013, 18:27 Quote
I agree miles!,
Unfortunately a majority of production companies are moving overseas, for cheaper labor, especially when it comes to those overtime hours.
There is silent outrage, especially by those that applied to "available" positions that were posted on the 2k Marin site.
Globalization is what it is all about, and until our wages are pushed down enough to compete with secondary countries, companies that produce games will continue to move/downsize.
Blackshark 19th October 2013, 06:07 Quote
Well I still dont see why everyone decided it was an awful game. For me it was a credible attempt at mixing the genres. Cant disagree with the difficulties issues, but then, isnt it nice to have a hard game again? Oh well, good luck to those that have lost their jobs.
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