Dark Souls 2 release date announced

Dark Souls 2 release date announced

Dark Souls 2 is launching its first round of beta testing in October.

Dark Souls 2 is to be launched on 14 March next year in Europe, a few days after its North American release on 11 March.

The follow up to 2011's punishing action fantasy title will be released on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 with a PC version to follow closely afterwards, although no PC release date has been confirmed.

Developer From Software intends to release the PC version 'in the same window' according to game director Yui Tanimura talking to Eurogamer, but they are currently working out which options they will allow players to have in order to customise the specifications and work out how to best optimise the PC version.

The game's release was announced at the Tokyo Game Show. The announcement did not make any mention of the game being released on next generation consoles at all but the developers have not ruled out the possibility of the title being ported over at a later date.

A closed beta for Dark Souls 2 is starting up on 12 October. It is still possible to sign up for the beta on the Playstation 3 over on the Playstation Network site.

The original Dark Souls, which was itself a follow up to Demon's Souls released in 2009, received an overwhelmingly positive critical reception and enthralled players with its challenging-but-fair difficulty curve.


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Fracture 19th September 2013, 09:54 Quote
I loved the first Dark Souls even though it was a struggle on PC. Having to mod the game and use a controller to get any value out of it was a real bummer. I really hope that the PC port is far superior to their previous effort, as From Software has promised. Would also love to see a closed beta for the PC version. Definitely looking forward to this one!
jon 19th September 2013, 12:40 Quote
Not a comment on the article or release at alll, but a website dev remark ...

As I sit here on the site, reading the quick blurb, I am given a list of Related Articles off to the right. One is from late 2012 (Dark Souls 2 Revealed), one is from 2011 (The Scariest Games) and the rest are from 2005.

That's right ... 2005. Eight years ago.

My suggestion: modify the script that pulls those related articles to check the date and/or directory they're stored in, and refrain from listing articles that are more than x number of years old. If that means you only get two articles, I think that's fine.
greypilgers 19th September 2013, 15:36 Quote
I like how the 'Hall of Fame' is still displayed as well, despite it being three years old... Creaky bit-tech still not being released enough resources to bring the content displayed to within the past few years...?
Eiffie 19th September 2013, 19:05 Quote
My body is so ready for this game. Platinumed Dark Souls in the course of a year and I've been through Demon's Souls a few times since then. These games just make you feel really awesome when you finish them.

Article, no effect but fond memories comfort travelers.
Sloth 19th September 2013, 21:03 Quote
Just take all of my money now.
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