Amazon breaks GTA 5 street date

Amazon breaks GTA 5 street date

Grand Theft Auto V is one of this year's most anticipated games and is officially released on September 17.

Amazon has delivered pre-ordered copies of Grand Theft Auto V to several customers over the weekend despite the game's official release date being September 17.

A wave of happy consumers posted images up on Instagram and Twitter of their early copies of the game.

In a statement issued to GamesIndustry International, Rockstar said it is in the process of investigating early sales to establish why the copies are being shipped early.

There are reports in Europe that Grand Theft Auto V is already readily available across Spain and at least one French retailer has apparently advertised that it is selling the game early.

Grand Theft Auto V is one of 2013s most anticipated games and has cost around $137m according to industry analysts. The title was announced back in November 2011 with development apparently starting around 2008.

Set in Los Santos San Andreas, a stand-in for Los Angeles Southern California, the game world is large enough to fit the maps of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto IV's and Red Dead Redemption inside it according to art director Aaron Garbut.

Last month, Rockstar revealed GTA Online, a dynamic and persistent online world that forms the multiplayer portion of the title. Allowing 16 players to connect to the same world, it will allow players to explore the city, work co-operatively on missions and sample the various mini-games in the game's world.


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MSHunter 16th September 2013, 10:40 Quote
The only reason this is news is because the the company may be seeking legal action. This has been happening with almost every game release in the past 5 years.
Cerberus90 16th September 2013, 12:25 Quote
I don't really get what the big deal is. As you say, it's happened with every other game (unless it's on steam :D ).

A few people got it a few days early. What have they lost because of this? Nothing as far as I can tell.

Those French and Spanish sellers might be a bit more of a problem, but still, what are Rockstar losing?
Skiddywinks 16th September 2013, 14:35 Quote
The way I always saw it was that First Class post takes 1-3 days, so I think any retailer who is posting pre-orders is well within their rights to post the game three workings days before the release date. Who cares if people get it a day or two early. What would be far more disheartening would be people getting their games 2-3 days late because Rockstar is forcing them to post the day before release.

This is non-news, and Rockstar are only making a noise because they are big enough to.
GeorgeK 16th September 2013, 15:44 Quote
I'm sure that they're only 'investigating' in order to get their name in the media more (all news is good news) - as if they're unhappy that people are so hyped about the game that they are clambering to get it early / jealous of those who have.
AlienwareAndy 16th September 2013, 16:48 Quote
Won't it phone home for a date check?
Griffter 18th September 2013, 09:44 Quote
mclean007 18th September 2013, 10:48 Quote
If they're so concerned about people getting early access to the game, they should have made it so it is only activated on release date. This would be a trivially easy thing to do in a secure fashion - encrypt key data files on the disc and have the installer either phone home or prompt for an unlock key which would be made available at the planned release time. Then the retailers could avoid the midnight opening queuing fiasco, Amazon et al could ship a week early so everyone is sure to have it in time for launch, digital purchases could be pre-loaded to spread the strain on the vendor's servers, and everyone would be happy.

I'm sure Amazon didn't ship before they were permitted to under their contract with Rockstar. The fact that some copies arrived earlier than anticipated is just down to luck and the randomness of the postal system. To be honest, who cares if someone else gets the game a day or two before me?! I haven't even bothered to pre-order. I'll pick up a copy when the price drops in a few months.
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