Rockstar reveals GTA Online

Rockstar reveals GTA Online

GTA Online will allow players to add their own content that can then be shared with friends and the wider community.

Grand Theft Auto Online has been revealed by Rockstar. The game will be the multiplayer component of Grand Theft Auto 5 but is also described as a 'dynamic and persistent online world.'

Launching two weeks after Grand Theft Auto 5 itself, GTA Online will allow you to work co-operatively on missions and explore the city and it's many mini-games with up to 16 players.

Post launch, Rockstar intends to continue adding content to the game and there will also be a capacity for the community to create its own content including races and missions via a built in content creation app.

Some of the additional features include an insurance system for your cars, upgradable apartments and garages, and the ability to play the in-game stock market. Your character will also apparently lip-sync whatever you say into your headset.

GTA Online will be accessible from the main game's character selection screen and will not need to be bought separately from GTA 5. The main game is set to launch on September 17 on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Previous games in the series have featured online modes with Grand Theft Auto 4 including 15 different modes and also supporting up to 16 players on the PC edition.

A more traditional open world approach was however found in a popular multiplayer mod for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which featured support for hundreds of players playing concurrently and included a bounty system to keep people on their toes.


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Phalanx 16th August 2013, 08:55 Quote
So, a server you can save? Wow...
runadumb 16th August 2013, 12:16 Quote
Where's the fap button? I want to hit the fap button!

Please come to PC as I'm just not buying it on my PS3. GTA4 was a pretty bad experience compared to the PC version.
Woodspoon 16th August 2013, 13:18 Quote
Sounds like a GTA version of EvE, interesting.
jon 16th August 2013, 13:33 Quote
"Your character will also apparently lip-sync whatever you say into your headset."

I predict a whole new slew of YouTube videos ...

But seriously, this is a neat little feature that adds an element of ... je ne sais quoi? Immersion through illusion, I suppose.
Phalanx 16th August 2013, 13:47 Quote
Originally Posted by Woodspoon
Sounds like a GTA version of EvE, interesting.

Oh yeah, totally. 16 players is sure to be packed. ;)
meandmymouth 16th August 2013, 13:56 Quote
I look forward to this!
HeaverNothing 18th August 2013, 10:44 Quote
I want it to be on PC! I don't wanna buy it for my old 360 and then 6 months later it coming out for PC
dyzophoria 18th August 2013, 13:26 Quote
I want it in the pc as well or atleast next gen consoles (xbone or ps4) lol
will_123 19th August 2013, 08:37 Quote
Yes, GTA IV was really good on the PC. Hopefully Rockstar see sense with this one and release without all this Rockstar social nonsense alongside!
MrDomRocks 19th August 2013, 08:59 Quote
The lip sync stuff is in arma which is pretty fun. A Urual fulk of people chatting or in one instance singing

This should be fun but PC version only for me.
Bobman 21st August 2013, 10:00 Quote
I'm looking forward to this one too. PC only for me also.
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