Pong creator kickstarting AR mobile quiz game

Pong creator kickstarting AR mobile quiz game

Seriously?! will run off a deck of special cards that can be read by a smartphone or tablet.

Pong creator Allan Alcorn and veteran game producer Roger Hector have launched a Kickstarter campaign for an augmented reality mobile quiz game.

The game, called Seriously?! will run on smartphones and tablets and will feature a 'Siri-like' host to keep you and your friends in check on the quiz. The app will read from a deck of special question cards to provide answers and to make additional comments.

The virtual host will keep the game moving along with an added threat of 'mouthing off' if you and your friends don't keep paying attention. There are also plans to include different celebrity voices for the host.

Alcorn and Hector's uGetit team is asking for $100,000 through Kickstarter and all backers are invited to send in their own trivia questions to be included in the title. Anyone whose questions are actually used will subsequently receive a game designer credit.

'It's going to definitely be fun because we're tapping into some of the most twisted creative experts on pop culture: You,' said Hector.

The quiz categories that the team is asking for include people, places and things, historical stuff, picture or video questions, show business and strange and miscellaneous.

'Special emphasis is given to subjects that are funny, creepy, funny, disgusting, funny, bizarre, or insanely funny,' reads the Kickstarter pitch.

Pledging $500 or more to the campaign will also allow you to include a single personalised trivia card about yourself in the deck.

Alcorn was the original creator of Atari's Pong, credited as the first commercially successful video game and the title that is mostly responsible for launching the entire industry. Pong was launched in 1972 as an arcade cabinet controlled by two dials.


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mi1ez 15th July 2013, 09:59 Quote
Is it just me or does this sound a bit, well, crap?
SMIFFYDUDE 15th July 2013, 16:03 Quote
Asking for $100k and for people to send in their own questions sounds a bit... well it sounds like they are asking people to do the work for them and pay for the privilege.
yodasarmpit 15th July 2013, 16:26 Quote
I don't get the need for the physical cards, other than to make use of AR - which in this case is unnecessary.
ChromeX 16th July 2013, 12:41 Quote
I like the kickstarter idea, but it seems that everyone and their dog are using it to fund really stupid ideas which the creators know probably wont work, so they're getting us to fund it instead of putting their own cash up.
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