American McGee off to Oz in Kickstarter campaign

American McGee off to Oz in Kickstarter campaign

Like the Alice games, OZombie will feature a twisted and more sinister version of its source material.

American McGee of Alice fame is off to the land of Oz for his next project, OZombie, and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to get it funded.

Seeking $950,000 with 41 days left to go, OZombie will take a similar approach to the Oz universe that the Alice series took to the Alice in Wonderland books. OZombie will be set in a similarly sinister version of Oz and the game will see Dorothy, the Tin-man and the Lion working together to defeat the Scarecrow and its army of brain-hunting minions.

Players will take control of Dorothy and build up a hunting party made of other characters from the source material. Multiplayer modes including raids and tournaments will also be unlocked after finishing the single player campaign.

Developer Spicy Horse Games and American McGee will be using the Oz books by L. Frank Baum as their inspiration as opposed to any of the films that have been produced set in the universe.

'Honoring Baum’s sublime vision, Oz is a real place, rather than a young girl’s dream. That idea was an MGM invention,' explains McGee on the Kickstarter page.

Three additional stretch goals have been loosely defined for the project. At 6,000 backers, the team will open 'The Box', a chest that 'is rumoured to hold secrets to OZombie and/or Alice: Otherlands'. At 11,000, former Nine Inch Nails drummer Chris Vrenna will join the team to compose the soundtrack and a third stretch goal has been listed but not detailed yet.

The project will launch on PC, Linux and Mac and intends to also reach other platforms that Unity3D can support. Early estimates at when the game will be released point to March 2015.

As of writing, the crowdfunding campaign has secured $34,863 from 436 backers.


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Guinevere 25th June 2013, 09:28 Quote
Oz = Out of copyright and free for the grabbing

Zombies = Hot property, still plenty of life in the old dog for remix projects

American McGee = Famous name associated with remix projects

Nine Inch Nails = Even their name says metal

Kickstarter = Fashionable and successful way to fund games that fans seem to want.

I predict a successful kickstarter. But will the game be any good?
KoenVdd 25th June 2013, 09:52 Quote
Originally Posted by Guinevere

Nine Inch Nails = Even their name says metal

That or keratin.

Anyway. At some point he's going to run out cherished childhood memories to pervert.
He really is trying his best to be the Tim Burton of video games, isn't he.
I do like that so many games are starting to come to linux. With Steam/Source on linux and the Humble Indie Bundle demonstrating the big fish small pond principle lots of smaller developers are starting to take more interest. I'm just wondering how long the big fish small pond is going to last (I think linux has a much lower demand/saturation limit for AAA games).
ChaosDefinesOrder 25th June 2013, 14:49 Quote
Am I crazy or is there no link to the actual kickstarter in that article? I know I can just search for it, but still, B-T articles like this usually link to the source...
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