Metro: Last Light system requirements revealed

Metro: Last Light system requirements revealed

Metro: Last Light will require an Nvidia GeForce Titan or GeForce 690 for the top graphical settings to be enabled, 4A Games has warned.

The formal specifications for Metro: Last Light have been released, offering those who want to return to the series' post-apocalyptic dystopia a clue as to how much they're going to have to spend on upgrades to get the most from the title.

A follow-up to the reasonably well-regarded Metro 2033 - praised for its lush visuals and unique setting, but slated for poor combat - and originally teased as Metro 2034, Metro: Last Light shows significant promise. A preview from July 2012 revealed much about the game, but mounting financial problems at publisher THQ saw the title delayed prior to the company being split up and sold off.

Thankfully, that won't be the end of Metro: Last Light. The game is on-track for release next month under new publisher Deep Silver, and forms part of a bundle that will see buyers of selected Nvidia graphics boards receiving a free copy of the game. Those who want to get the most out of the title, however, may need to splash out on an upgrade or two.

4A Games' official system specifications for the title, released this week, split target systems into the usual 'Minimum' and 'Recommended' categories, but also add an 'Optimum' level which may raise gamers' eyebrows with its demands.

First, 'Minimum:' according to 4A Games, Metro: Last Light will require a 2.2GHz dual-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and a DirectX9 Shader Model 3 compliant graphics card of equivalent performance to an Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 or AMD Radeon HD 4000 series. Those who want to take advantage of the game's support for Nvidia 3D Vision, meanwhile, will need a GeForce GTX 275 or higher, 3D Vision-certified 120Hz monitor and shutter glasses. For those who have yet to upgrade, the news of compatibility with the 32-bit release of Windows XP will be a pleasant surprise.

The 'Recommended' level ups the game, ditching Windows XP support and asking for a 2.6GHz quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM. 4A Games also asks that gamers use a DirectX11 capable graphics card equivalent to an Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 or GTX 660 Ti or AMD Radeon HD 7870 or better.

Finally, 'Optimum:' 4A Games is asking users who want to get the very best from the game to have at least a 3.4GHz quad-core or better processor, 8GB of RAM, and either an Nvidia GTX 690 or an Nvidia Titan - with no mention of what an AMD fan would need to get the maximum graphical fidelity. That no AMD graphics card is recommended for the 'Optimum' experience is, perhaps, unsurprising given publisher Deep Silver's partnership with Nvidia, but will come as a blow to the red camp nevertheless.

Metro: Last Light is due to launch on the 17th of May as a cross-platform title on Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


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k4p84 18th April 2013, 11:21 Quote
GTX 680 Ti ?
TheStockBroker 18th April 2013, 11:24 Quote
Must mean 660 Ti.
Gareth Halfacree 18th April 2013, 11:26 Quote
Originally Posted by TheStockBroker
Originally Posted by k4p84
GTX 680 Ti ?
Must mean 660 Ti.
Indeed I do - t'was a typo. Fixed, ta!
mi1ez 18th April 2013, 11:38 Quote
rollo 18th April 2013, 11:46 Quote
Some pretty insane requirements, but not a huge shock.
Parge 18th April 2013, 11:47 Quote
But what res?
Gareth Halfacree 18th April 2013, 11:49 Quote
Originally Posted by Parge
But what res?
4A Games hasn't said, but if I had to guess I'd go with 1,920x1,080 across all settings, with 'Minimal' possibly dipping to 1,280x768 if you want a decent framerate.
Jack_Pepsi 18th April 2013, 11:56 Quote
I can't wait for this game.

SpAceman 18th April 2013, 12:18 Quote
GTX 275 for minimum? First time I can say I have seen my GTX 260 fall below minimum specs before..

I may need an upgrade before long..
sotu1 18th April 2013, 12:43 Quote
Watching with curious eyes.
Shirty 18th April 2013, 12:59 Quote
Let's just hope it's not a crushing disappointment then. The first game was good in places but it wasn't all that.
V3ctor 18th April 2013, 13:10 Quote
Let Haswell appear and the GTX700 series...
For now I won't play it (i3 3220, 8Gb and a HD5870), gotta wait for new HW
Parge 18th April 2013, 13:41 Quote
Originally Posted by V3ctor
Let Haswell appear and the GTX700 series...
For now I won't play it (i3 3220, 8Gb and a HD5870), gotta wait for new HW

What about the GTX 670 in your sig?
Shirty 18th April 2013, 13:43 Quote
Those belong to someone else
MjFrosty 18th April 2013, 13:44 Quote
Originally Posted by Parge
But what res?

1080 I'd imagine.
V3ctor 18th April 2013, 13:46 Quote
I had to leave home for 3 months (for work reasons), so a friend of mine bought me the i7 2600k+ sabertooth + GTX 670 for a good price...

I figured I should wait a few months and got my hands on new technology, and it's what I'm doing... :D
2 Weeks on this pc... I had to tweak the definitions on BF3, as the CPU was always over 90% usage at 1920x1200 resolution... It's not a top pc (as I am used to), but it will do :)

PS: Going to change my SIG :)
notmeagain 18th April 2013, 15:59 Quote
Judging by the first games performance on my old system (560ti) im not suprised.

It chugged along barely getting above 45fps on max settings.

Have 660ti SLI now and a 4.5ghz I5-2500k so i should be fine :)

Definitely looking forward to it.
tad2008 18th April 2013, 18:40 Quote
Well it's good to see games finally starting to really tax the hardware again and hopefully manufacturers will respond well with their next lines of hardware for us eager consumers to buy so we can reap the benefits.
fluxtatic 19th April 2013, 07:53 Quote
On the one hand, nice to see I'm still comfortably above minimum on a PC that cost $600, give or take. On the other hand, bit bummed to see we're well into 2013 and I'm not seeing that many games like this where I'm a decent ways off recommended spec. PC games should be way past a triple-core Phenom II and a GTS450 - if it wasn't for all the console ports, I'd likely have no choice but to be playing Source Engine games and indies from the Humble Bundles (not that there's anything wrong with that.)
Smoothsmith 19th April 2013, 09:33 Quote
...But can it play Metro?
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