World of Tanks offering discounts to celebrate anniversary

World of Tanks offering discounts to celebrate anniversary

World of Tanks is offering a number of bonuses and discounts for the next four days.

World of Tanks has announced a number of discounts and bonuses, as well as a competition, to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of its European server going online.

All users are eligible to take advantage of the discounts and bonuses, which are listed below. They include a reduction in tank costs and increase in tank profits as well as reductions in premium account rates. These offers are open until 16th April 07:00 CEST (GMT+2).

World of tanks 2nd anniversary discounts and bonuses:
X5 Experience
Medal Hunt
Discount and Profit Bonus on Tier VIII Vehicles and Tier VI SPGs
Discount on Tier VIII Premium vehicles
Profit Bonus on Tier V Vehicles
Discount on Equipment and Crew Training
Discount on Premium Accounts

Meanwhile those looking to earn their extras can take part in the concurrent Razer-sponsored competition. The competition is quite simple with players simply having to earn as many XP as possible from now until midnight (CEST - GMT+2) 22nd April. Prizes include Razer keyboards and mice as well as in-game gold. There are loads of different classes so whichever vehicle you prefer, you should be in with a chance of winning.

For more details on both the discounts and competition head to Second Anniversary of World of Tanks Server in Europe and World of Tanks Second Anniversary Contest: Razer's Edge respectively.

Published by, World of Tanks is a hugely popular MMO that, as its name suggests, sees players fight large scale battles with tanks, and only tanks. The 3D shooter uses a freemium distribution model with players able buy upgrades and other game features if they so choose. As of October 2012, the game had 45million registered users and recorded a figure of 500,000 concurrent users.

World of Tanks is soon to be joined by World of Warplanes and World of Warships, so if navel warfare was always more your thing...

Think you're good enough to be grabbing those top score prizes? Let us know in the comments. Oh, and if you're a real fan, don't forget to cast your vote in the Bit and CPC awards.


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Hack'n'Slash 14th April 2013, 15:04 Quote
Wow, a full page advert and it managed to get past my Adblock & NoScript!

I started playing WoT in the early closed beta stage, I finally quit playing at the start of this year after an ever increasing influx of lead paint eating, window licking m0's, and it's always exacerbated by these "specials"!

I'm not alone in these sentiments either, there's quite a few long standing players out there that love the game but hate the majority of newer player, which is a shame. :(
Marvin-HHGTTG 14th April 2013, 15:30 Quote
One of the reasons I don't play anymore. Though resting on their laurels too much and not varying the gameplay is also a major problem.
Omnituens 14th April 2013, 17:48 Quote
The matchmaker, spotting and shot pen system all need reworking in this game. They also need to stop lying to players in their so-called "guide" videos.
DrTiCool 15th April 2013, 01:41 Quote
game definitely needs bigger maps(especially for higher tiers), which is problem due current engine. MM still sux. There should be mode for experienced players only, lets say 7k battles/win ratio over 50%, cause there's nothing worse than Lowe player with 200 battles count overall.
tonyd223 15th April 2013, 09:14 Quote
I'm still playing but I accept all that's written above. However, it is a "free" game, and as these things get more popular you always find the player profile changes. This weekend I watched two players on my side just sit and shoot at each other which was immensely frustrating for the whole team.

Just as an aside - playing at Tier 2 and 3 is much more fun than playing at Tier 7 or 8.

WoT is probably the only game I regularly play that's not on a tablet...
blackerthanblack 15th April 2013, 14:13 Quote
I'll miss out on this special as I've just moved house and I'm still waiting on my phone line :(
I've only been playing a few months now but have to agree with most of the comments above about spoiling of our games. The odd tank destroying his own team mates etc. and recently I've had a few tanks barging me out into the open just when I've found a nice spot of cover or good firing place. Having said that, there have been a (too) few occassions where I've seen great team players and have been happy to follow them or work with them in battle.

Despite having collected a good amount of silver I only have up to tier 2 tanks so only battling up to tier 3 tanks and maps. If I'm honest though, I'm still happiest on tier 1 though and have no real incentive to progress, other than map variety.

The only reason I would actually put money in would be to increase garage slots to get some more tier 2/3 tanks. Ultimately I'd like to get the T34, but it's not so compelling that want to get up there now.
Risky 15th April 2013, 15:07 Quote
I'd agree that garage slots are the only thing that you really need to get you r credit card out for. However if you liek the game you'll probably be tempted by a few premium tanks and some camo. The big gold spend is pay-2-rush stuff for the impatient.

Btw if you are playing WoT there is a fairly active thread here
tonyd223 16th April 2013, 09:13 Quote
As a player with almost 10,000 battles, I'd say that the great thing about the tanks is that you can find one that matches your playing style...
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