E3: CCP plans 30 year lifespan for EVE Online

E3: CCP plans 30 year lifespan for EVE Online

At E3 2012 MMO developer CCP has discussed a 30 year plan for EVE Online.

Discussing the future of MMO EVE Online at E3 2012, developer CCP revealed that it has a 30 year plan for the game and is confident it can realise that aim.

Speaking to Massively, Creative Director Torfi Olafsson said that much of EVE's success comes down to keeping a core team consistently involved with the product.

The development team has grown along with the revenue," said Olafsson , "[But] we’ve never scaled down or switched over to a live team or a skeleton team.[/i]"

Many MMOs change too much content over their lifetimes, ruining the game or diluting it away from the original vision implied Olafsson. Keeping a level of consistency has allowed EVE to mostly avoid that issue and gives it a good chance of continuing to grow until it's 30 year anniversary.

EVE’s content is its people. When there’s more people, there’s more content going on, and if it becomes too saturated [in terms of hardware], we’ll throw in another server. But it’s still the same universe,

EVE Online is currently celebrating its ninth year and is close to breaking its all-time subscriber record even as we speak - though that's likely to be shattered when Dust 514 eventually launches for PlayStation 3.

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bowman 6th June 2012, 11:30 Quote
Don't see why it shouldn't. Game keeps evolving, both in terms of gameplay, and in terms of graphics. Definitely the most beautiful MMO out there.. and the only one that is actually interesting.
Sylvester20007 6th June 2012, 12:22 Quote
I for one am sure Eve and CCP will hit there targets and I will tell you why based on my view of the game since the very beginning.

First off, if you played Eve back when it released and never played it again until now you will notice one thing, The interface has not changed, It looks and feels the same. There have been some extra features added and thus there has been a need to restructure a few things but its all basicly where you left it and if its not its close by.

Secondly, Many games loose something when the developer decides to do an overhall on the whole game as CCP did when they made it DX10 (maybe DX11??? but I cant remember if it was also 11), but they didnt let that happen, there was no stupid new guy at the top saying no, we need to reqork the interface make it feel new and different and simpler so new people. This is often a failure when making a new game based on an old game, an example would be Dawn of War 2, while DoW2 is a nice game, I prefer the large scare LAN games of the original over the customizing of your fewer squads of DoW2, I always said that it would be better is DoW had simply had a graphics make over, this is basicly what CCP did with Eve.

The last point would be that they added features to the game that didnt change the ecosystem of the game too much but insted they added the extras in a way that didnt once again move the game away from its roots, I have bailed from games that I would have bought because it was not the same game I remembered playing, Battlefield 2 was a great game, when they released BF 2142 based in the future, it was in my eyes a compleate flop, I never played it for more than a few hours in total before I realised it was an attempt to get people to spend money on a game that had a different look and feel but was still the same graphics as BF2, that is also a cop-out, its a quick attempt to make some money from not much effort.

I defend paying a monthly ammount of money because CCP keep making changes and improving the game, its not dead money, when was the last time WoW got a graphics facelift?? That game makes over 11 million a month in subscription fees and it still looks graphicly old, where is the development in it?

So, Eve is a great game, CCP are great developers, I look forward to see what they come up with next.
Harlequin 6th June 2012, 13:46 Quote
wow had an engine update for the latest expansion pack - they went from DX9 to DX11 code path , and more DX11 work is being done for MoP
Phalanx 6th June 2012, 13:48 Quote
Originally Posted by Harlequin
wow had an engine update for the latest expansion pack - they went from DX9 to DX11 code path , and more DX11 work is being done for MoP

And what a MoP it is! :D
SinxarKnights 6th June 2012, 13:50 Quote
30 years is quite the goal. Personally I don't think it will make it that long, but if it does i'll prolly still be playing (or dead). I enjoy Eve because there is always something to do, unlike WoW where it's easily possible to finish all the content in a matter of months on multiple characters. Another thing going for Eve is the ability to buy gametime with ingame currency. If you got spare RL cash you can buy ISK legally or if your too poor to afford anything other than net and electric, then you can buy your subscription with ISK.
mattyh1995 6th June 2012, 16:30 Quote
Hell, if CCP can keep EVE going for 30 years, hats off to them! Some of the "greatest" games only lasted less than 10 across all of their sequels and expansions (Namely the likes of WoW which is seeing it's original playerbase deteriorate). I'd love to see what EVE looks like in 5 years or so, hopefully with some MORE SYMMETRICAL SHIPS, I personally think they look better than ships that have bits sticking out everywhere looking random :P
Roskoken 6th June 2012, 17:37 Quote
Even if you dont play EVE, CCP deserve at least 20 monthly subscription from you out of sheer ****ing respect you should have for one of the few remaining games companys that give a ****.
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