id Software sceptical about hardcore Wii U games

Written by Joe Martin

June 9, 2011 // 12:17 p.m.

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Speaking at E3 2011, id Software's Tim Willits has voiced scepticism over whether Nintendo's new Wii U console will be able to cater to the hardcore market as well as others suggest.

Willits told Eurogamer that he wasn't sure whether Nintendo would be able to attract a big enough hardcore following, even despite an impressive list of already announced Wii U games.

'The Nintendo market is a tough market for us to get into,' Willits explained. 'A lot of first party games, a lot of licensed games – those are the ones that have done the best on that platform. I'd love it if we can get a hardcore FPS community going and build on it, but it's tough.'

'I think we should keep our toes where we know best,' he added.

Nintendo's new Wii U console was announced at E3 2011 yesterday, but reaction has been mixed so far. Nintendo's share value fell 5.7 per cent to a five year low following Nintendo's press conference.

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