Activision kills off DJ Hero series

Activision kills off DJ Hero series

Activision has discontinued the DJ Hero series, saying it could not be made profitable.

Activision has confirmed that it is to discontinue the DJ Hero franchise, as well as the Guitar Hero series in a string of cancellations.

The news came in a Activision investor call where CEO Eric Hirschberg explained that it was to close its entire library of music games after realising that it was almost impossible to keep the genre profitable.

'Despite a remarkable 92 rating on DJ Hero 2, a well-regarded Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, as well as a 90-plus release from our most direct competitor, demand for peripheral based music games declined at a dramatic pace,' Hirshberg said, according to Eurogamer.

'Given the considerable licensing and manufacturing costs associated with this genre, we simply can't make these games profitably based on current markets and demand.'

Activision has confirmed that it will continue to support DLC for the multi-faceted Hero brand, but that it will not release wholly new games in either the DJ Hero or Guitar Hero series.

'[i]What we'll do is focus our time and money on marketing and supporting our strong catalogue of titles and downloadable content, especially for new consumers as the install base for hardware continues to grow,' Hirshberg clarified.

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memeroot 10th February 2011, 11:05 Quote
very suprising - however download for these titles is the real way forward.

still dying for the rock band guitar to come out.....
javaman 10th February 2011, 12:32 Quote
Isn't this old news? They said they where gonna discontinue series like GH and possibly DJH last year due to them flooding the market and making people sick of them. I can see COD going the same way, Personally i got sick of it after the first MW game.
Da_Rude_Baboon 10th February 2011, 13:14 Quote
Thats a shame as I really enjoyed DJ hero but non of my 'guitar hero' friends liked it as it was too hard.
Aracos 10th February 2011, 17:17 Quote
I didn't think they'd get rid of DJ hero, it's the only thing RB doesn't do.
ssj12 11th February 2011, 04:00 Quote
the reason that the market declined is because theres like 14 GH games released every year. There is typically only like 2 Rock Band games per year, and the next numbered title actually improves the game versus being the same damn thing.
memeroot 11th February 2011, 08:53 Quote
my baby loves the dj hero decks.... never got into playing the game though
djheroboy12 4th January 2012, 10:28 Quote
they S U C K almost everybody likes these games dj hero and guitar hero they should continue
L-Jam 5th January 2012, 20:22 Quote
To be honest I'm surprised they dropped Guitar Hero never mind DJ Hero, nothing like a cash cow for massive companies..
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