Global Agenda to drop subscription fees

Global Agenda to drop subscription fees

Gloabl Agenda, the shooter MMO from Hi-Rez Studios, will be free to play from now on.

Hi-Rez Studios' shooter-MMO hybrid, Global Agenda will be foregoing subscription fees in the future, according to Eurogamer.

Originally, though most of the core content was playable without a subscription and was financed by the one-off retail purchase, the large-scale MMO stuff was reserved only for those who paid a monthly subscription.

In the future though these features will be available for free and Hi-Rez Studios will finance development by selling content expansions and DLC content for a premium fee. The first such update, dubbed Sandstorm, will be free, however.

Coincidentally, Global Agenda's retail package (which is still required to play the game, obviously) is also on sale on Steam as part of Valve's big summer sale. Global Agenda has been discounted by 33 percent, putting it at a £16.74 price point until July 4th, 2010.

We took a look at Global Agenda a while ago and, while we did like some of the core ideas, we can't say we were fabulously enamoured with the overall product. Still, it may be worth checking out since it's going cheap right now.

Check our Global Agenda review for more information and further impressions, then let us know your thoughts in the forums.


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Sonofalich 25th June 2010, 12:23 Quote
Bad game is bad, do yourself a favour. Don't even try it.
yakyb 25th June 2010, 12:27 Quote
disagree completely its a great game, everyone should give it a go as it is free up to level 15

not sure i like the idea of content expansions and DLC however although may work out cheaper than a subscription, providing its not a case of pay £5 to get this better gun
pimonserry 25th June 2010, 12:33 Quote
Well that didn't last long.

Anybody here play it? Any good?
yakyb 25th June 2010, 12:59 Quote
yeah i play it and really enjoy it

the article is slightly misleading as there never was any subscription involved (only the plan of introducing it at some stage)

after reading some of the forum comments it appears to be taking more a guild wars stance towards content which has been very successful.

I would recommend anyone to give it a go even if just on the trial to level 15 ,

i currently have a lvl 46 recon
lvl 32 assault
and a lvl 8 robotics

give me a shout in game and i try to give you a hand / run you through some low sec missions


may sound like I'm advertising the game but some of the planned content has great potential and the engine is very polished and the Devs are really listening to Players opinions regarding future content
Fizzl 25th June 2010, 13:47 Quote
I played through the tutorial and gave up on my first mission, I've played better MMO's 10 years ago, there was nothing to draw me in and it looked awful.

I think this idea of starting in an instance and being forced through the basics like you are a child is a bad one, I always come out of it feeling bored, having no sense of the wider world or what you can do in it. WoW (starting zones) and UO (Town of Haven) are the best starts I can remember as they are smaller versions of the real thing that give you an idea of what the game is about and very quickly get you aware there are other people playing the game even if you don't want to team up with them just yet. I like that in WoW within the first 10-15 levels (couple of hours gameplay at the most) you get sent on an errand to the nearest big city with a free ride there and back to to get a toe in the water.
yakyb 25th June 2010, 15:49 Quote
so you played for 5 minutes and judge the game on that

vdbswong 25th June 2010, 16:03 Quote
People do say that first impressions are the most important.

Anyhow, i was rather interested in the game a while back so tried out the free trial.

Ultimately i don't see what people found special about it. The graphics whilst being... "stylised" weren't very good and certainly not what i expect from the Unreal 3 Engine.

As for the actual gameplay, it all just seemed to be just "fight through this wave of bad guys" culminating in "kill this boss". At which point you're then thrown back into the overworld to do it again... Not really the "coop experience" they were trying to advertise. There didn't seem to be a proper story or point to the missions, just a random dungeon and they only seemed to differ each day depending on what difficulty you wanted which made it lack variety.

The guns didn't really feel that special, weighty and sort of powerful but at the same time they didn't feel substantial. Whilst the melee combat just seemed to involve running around swinging wildly.

Ultimately, if it came down to purchasing, i'd only get it if it were something like a bargain bin sale since in my opinion it doesn't really justify a normal retail price's purchase.
Hovis 25th June 2010, 17:15 Quote
I quite liked it, but I didn't really enjoy it that much. It also demands a lot of time and heavily favours higher level characters, which I don't much care for in a shooter. It's not terrible though and worth checking out if you like Team Fortress 2 and games of that type.
Noob4ever 25th June 2010, 23:26 Quote
I played it for nearly a month and really tried to get into it, but at its core its supposed to be an fps, and thats where it falls down, It is a very terrible fps. The fact thats its supposedly mmo is a joke, its matches are smaller than the ones I do in tf2. Maxing out at 20 players... People can say all they want about it, but at the end of the day, the fps part of mmofps is just utter crap.
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