Indian firm buys half of Codemasters

Indian firm buys half of Codemasters

Indian firm Reliance Big Entertainment has bought 50 percent of Codemasters and will help leapfrog the publisher forwards.

The last of the big UK publishers, Codemasters, is now half owned by Indian firm Reliance Big Entertainment after a buyout.

The deal will hopefully balance out Codemasters' precarious future and help "leapfrog" the publisher into a stronger global position compared to competitors.

"I think it leapfrogs us forward," Codemasters boss Rod Cousens told, "and where we've been this high-quality company in England, I think this really propels us on a global stage, and no one can doubt the financial resources behind this company now."

The deal will be overseen by Reliance Big's games division, Zapak Digital Entertainment, which Cousens hopes will integrate well with Codemasters.

"This was never the lead on the agenda - but titles like Dance Factory, as you look at Bollywood and the TV dance shows... If you then start to look at what we can do through Zapak - plus the Sensible titles we have, such as Cannon Fodder and Megalomania, for us it's just great," Cousens said.

Codemasters is now reportedly keen on exploring the social and mobile games market within India's "high-growth market", possibly with the aid of "outsourcing potential".

You can read more about the UK games industry as part of bit-tech's Made in the UK Week.

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Hustler 6th April 2010, 11:48 Quote
Lol...yet another group of British company directors in the games industry who cant resist the payday.......

I give it 3 years at the most before it is announced that Codemasters is a wholly owned Indian company....

But hey, the few guys at the top of Codemasters get to buy their new Ferrari's this year.....
Jack_Pepsi 6th April 2010, 12:05 Quote

Was hoping Codemaster's would stay completely British tbh.
Hustler 6th April 2010, 12:10 Quote
Originally Posted by Jack_Pepsi

Was hoping Codemaster's would stay completely British tbh.

What, when their is money to be made.....don't be silly.

If i were one of the grunts on the coding floor, i'd start updating and posting their CV's if they don't want to be worrying about how they are going to pay their mortgages in 12mths time.
mattbailey 6th April 2010, 12:22 Quote
Does that mean a new release of Megolomania and Cannon Fodder? :D
mi1ez 6th April 2010, 12:26 Quote

My thoughts exactly! Let's have some more Cannon Fodder!
yakyb 6th April 2010, 12:48 Quote
just release a new jonah Lomu rugby please
gavomatic57 6th April 2010, 12:54 Quote
Originally Posted by yakyb
just release a new jonah Lomu rugby please

Such an awesome rugby game. Makes me wonder if EA ever played it and if they did, how did they manage to balls-up their rugby efforts so badly?
Xir 6th April 2010, 13:19 Quote
??? Cannon Fodder is how old? Yeah I'm sure it was one of the main reasons :D
V3ctor 6th April 2010, 13:55 Quote
Is Codemasters in some sort of financial trouble? C'mon this is on of the BIG players in games... How can this be? :/ Every racing game they get out the door is a success...
Bloodburgers 6th April 2010, 14:39 Quote
+1 On the Jonah front. would love to see the game brought up into the big leagues with the feel of backbreaker to see what their motion tracking/simulation is like because i am fed up of pooey madden 08 on pc gotta play a some proper rugger.
faugusztin 6th April 2010, 15:31 Quote
We need Sensible Soccer 2010 and Cannon Fodder 2010 !
yakyb 6th April 2010, 16:55 Quote
wow didnt realise JLR had a big following here

i still play it about once a month against my bro (works great on epsxe bar some minor commentary problems)
centy 7th April 2010, 15:09 Quote
As long as F1 2010 still happens I don't care who owns them.
stonedsurd 7th April 2010, 20:46 Quote
GRiD in Bombay?

Bring it on!:D
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