Hellgate returning to US and Europe

Hellgate returning to US and Europe

The failed RPG Hellgate: London is set to come back online across the US and Europe with a new title.

Flagship Studios' failed RPG punt, the dreary Hellgate: London, is set to make a return in the US and Europe after the server closures and collapse of Flagship of last January.

The game may have closed down in the West, but it's been going strong in Korea for a while now even though legal issues over the ownership of the rights have prevented wider sales.

Now though, Namco Bandai has relented an allowed HanbitSoft to acquire the rights to Hellgate and begin a re-launch across America and Europe.

The re-launched version of Hellgate: London will be re-titled to Hellgate: Resurrection and will boast new features and a new free-to-play business model. The new features have been added by T3 Entertainment, who have been working on the game since July 2008, say

"Hellgate: Resurrection is heading towards success in Korea such that we decided to push ahead with launching the game overseas next year. We will do our best to get the game to the fans as soon as possible," said Kee-young Kim, CEO of Hanbitsoft.

"We are pleased to participate in the revitalisation of Hellgate through this agreement and are deeply gratified to allow Hanbitsoft to take the lead on this franchise and bring this game to the people who seek it," added Zack Karlsson, senior director of business development at Namco Bandai Games America.

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legoman666 18th January 2010, 12:32 Quote
They got their work cut out for them because the original release was just awful. Biggest waste of $50. The 64bit version was so poor that my 32bit laptop with integrated graphics got better performance than my desktop /w a HD3870.
yakyb 18th January 2010, 12:41 Quote
i binned my dvd a long time ago shame really the game had legs but the stations / chat system was terrible
kosch 18th January 2010, 13:00 Quote
Not that I'm one of them but I wonder if the people that bought Lifetime subs will get them re-instated
Bursar 18th January 2010, 13:39 Quote
Cool, because I actually enjoyed this game. Yes it was a bit on the buggy side, but it was fun.
Mister_X 18th January 2010, 14:40 Quote
Be nice to see what they do with it, Had potential in there , just underneath the thick layer of bugs.

Worth another shot.
Cobalt 18th January 2010, 14:49 Quote
I enjoyed the game quite a bit although I never took it online. The future diablo theme was great and I liked the visuals, not to mention the array of different weapons. A quirky sense of humour nicely covered up a rather boring plot. Not exactly a cerebral game though and I can't imagine playing it for an extended period of time. I always played it when I was bored and didn't want to have to think too much about the game.

Should be interesting to see how its resurrected form shapes up.
Anfield 18th January 2010, 14:54 Quote
Originally Posted by kosch
Not that I'm one of them but I wonder if the people that bought Lifetime subs will get them re-instated

Most likely not, Eulas are like Mobile Phone / Broadband Contracts, you click / sign away any and all rights and in return they get to do whatever the hell they want.

However, it should not matter at all due to the following bit:
and a new free-to-play business model
DarkLord7854 18th January 2010, 15:16 Quote
YES! Best news of the year for me! Woooo.. Loved Hellgate London, even with all it's flaws and shortcomings.

Huzzah :D
Bursar 18th January 2010, 16:26 Quote
Originally Posted by Cobalt
I enjoyed the game quite a bit although I never took it online.
It's amazing how many people didn't realise that it had a single player component, and you could easily play the game offline.
metarinka 18th January 2010, 19:58 Quote
I was so bummed that the game didn't pan through.
It was a very interesting niche and combined my two favourite game types, FPS and diablo style RPG's.

I'll keep my eyes out for the "resurrection" but I won't get my hopes up. IMO there was some fundamental flaws and bugs that need to be addressed gameplay wise to make it viable.

for starters that horrible tile system and overall environment that made every area boring, lacking soul and altogether interesting. Plus the myriad of bug and AI issues.

on the positive side. It had some very interesting gameplay and I loved just jamming out with a gun wasting baddies. I think they should revise the talent system somewhat and allow respecs, I don't get the negative stance towards respeccs especially on games that have large leveling times.
LordPyrinc 18th January 2010, 22:05 Quote
Great game although I never did play online. The areas do get a bit redundant, but the ability to upgrade your equipment and such is really cool. It does have the occassional bug where it can freeze up, but doesn't happen to regularly and seems to not lose much in the way of progress. Been running it lately on Windows 7 and haven't experienced any new bugs.
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