Steam hosts massive Christmas sale

Steam hosts massive Christmas sale

Valve has unveiled a massive last-minute Christmas sale on Steam, offering as much as 80 percent off some games.

Valve has today announced a massive last-minute sale on Steam which is seeing nearly every game on the platform get some form of discount, with some titles getting as much as 80 percent knocked off the usual price.

There's some juicy deals on offer in the sale, some of which are available for today only, and we've listed some of our favourites below.

There'll be new one-day-only deals added every day until January 3rd and you can keep up with the sales over at the Steam site. Some of the highlights from today are...
If you're looking for essential buys in that mix then our first recommendations would be the Eidos Collector's Pack, which nets you all the Hitman games, the latest Tomb Raider titles, both Deus Ex games AND Batman: Arkham Asylum (plus a lot of other titles) for just over £30. That's how much a pre-owned copy of Batman: Arkham Asylum costs in the shops!

After that, Mirror's Edge is a good buy if you haven't tried it - it placed Sixth in our Top 10 of 2009 today - and Braid is definitely worth picking up if you haven't played it. It's less than £2!

Let us know what you get in the forums.


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stonedsurd 23rd December 2009, 11:33 Quote
proxess 23rd December 2009, 11:39 Quote
Originally Posted by stonedsurd

+1 ... x9999999999999999999!!!!!!!
Sir Digby 23rd December 2009, 11:43 Quote
I'd of thought you'd specifically mention that Beyond Good and Evil is half price, Joe?
ChromeX 23rd December 2009, 11:44 Quote
WOW!!! *runs off to steam
NuTech 23rd December 2009, 11:45 Quote
Braid and Torchlight for less than a tenner is a steal. No seriously, it's actually shoplifting.
mjm25 23rd December 2009, 11:46 Quote
this is legendary. i chuffing love Steam i do.

GTA4 is £4.99... i can't see many people passing that up even just to add it to their collection. maybe one day it'll get rid of GFWL and that rockstar shite and actually be playable... but when that day comes... I WILL BE READY!!!
NuTech 23rd December 2009, 11:53 Quote
Speaking of GTA4, anyone know if it has improved since release? I've heard it's one of the most un-optimised games in existence.

Is it still full of the Rockstar bloat?
Cerberus90 23rd December 2009, 12:04 Quote
Leave my sodding wallet alone valve.

Last year I went crazy and spent far too much money on games at Christmas, I promised myself this year I wouldn't do the same. But I can see that this sale might break that promise.
Already got all of the today only offers anyway. But theres quite a few other things.

80 class atari games
Railroad Tycoon 2
CoH:Tales of Valour

Damn you valve and your awesome sales.
V3ctor 23rd December 2009, 12:07 Quote
Originally Posted by NuTech
Speaking of GTA4, anyone know if it has improved since release? I've heard it's one of the most un-optimised games in existence.

Is it still full of the Rockstar bloat?

It still is a big smoking "$#"$ because of the lack of optimization for the PC, i was tempted on buying it, but my friends say that the game is still pretty bad (optimizations)
Evildead666 23rd December 2009, 12:13 Quote
ARgh.....wheres my credit card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
l3v1ck 23rd December 2009, 12:22 Quote
Stalker for less than £1.50!!
Just created a Steam account just to buy that.
DragunovHUN 23rd December 2009, 12:25 Quote
Dannythemusicman 23rd December 2009, 12:35 Quote
omg i see this just as i checked my dessimated bank account :-(

Might give Mirrors Edge a try though...
mrbens 23rd December 2009, 12:50 Quote
Ahhh damn, I just bought the Orange Box a couple of days ago so I could play throught the Cinematic Mod v10. Could have saved myself over £4, which would have just about covered Braid & Mirror's Edge I'm buying now in the sale!

Crazy sale tho, tons of bargains. I just wish Bioshock was cheaper as £9.37 seems too much when it's cheaper than that in the shops.

If companies made games prices this low all the time I bet more people would buy them instead of pirating and maybe buying months later if they are on sale (like me shh).
Dannythemusicman 23rd December 2009, 12:52 Quote
Grr Steam is blocked at work!!! Can't see the full list of reductions... anyone got a list?
xaser04 23rd December 2009, 12:52 Quote
Christ, Stalker for under £2 and Mirrors edge for under £4. They are mine!

Whats in the rockstar collecters pack ( I am at work and can't see from here)?
Digi 23rd December 2009, 12:54 Quote
Noooo, a few hours before I get home from work, I can't even peak at any of the other deals from here. Mirrors edge and stalker are getting a buy for sure though.
mrbens 23rd December 2009, 12:55 Quote
see if this link bit-tech gave above works at your work:
Highland3r 23rd December 2009, 12:57 Quote
Mirrors edge link is the same as the stalker one :)
Digi 23rd December 2009, 13:01 Quote
Originally Posted by mrbens
see if this link bit-tech gave above works at your work:

Of course! That works. Ta! :D
Edge102030 23rd December 2009, 13:22 Quote
I hate and love steam at the same time lol :).
lp1988 23rd December 2009, 13:40 Quote
Men of war and Fallout 3 just bought......

And I were not to use any more money this year.
Bauul 23rd December 2009, 13:59 Quote
Mirror's Edge for less than the price of a pint in London?

flipdart 23rd December 2009, 14:38 Quote
sod! i just brought C-of-H opposing fronts yesterday and now its bloody half price!
kenco_uk 23rd December 2009, 14:39 Quote
Beyond Good and Evil £2.49
Braid £1.74

Good grief.
raafe 23rd December 2009, 15:23 Quote
Damn you steam!

There goes all my money..
Hypno 23rd December 2009, 15:39 Quote
And i'm gone! Come on steam load.
Goty 23rd December 2009, 15:53 Quote
I recommend Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy to anyone here Stateside) to anyone who hasn't played it before. Good game, actually.
NuTech 23rd December 2009, 16:01 Quote
Originally Posted by Goty
I recommend Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy to anyone here Stateside) to anyone who hasn't played it before. Good game, actually.
Fantastic game indeed, although the story gets a bit too crazy towards the end. Can't wait for its spiritual-sequel Heavy Rain due out next year, looks amazing.

Also make sure to download the uncut European version, don't want to miss the incredibly awkward interactive sex scenes.
alpaca 23rd December 2009, 16:07 Quote
picked up braid, audiosurf, mirrors edge and some kind of tower defence on steriods i tought looked cool (its a very nice little game in fact) for just over €10... somethimes i would like my computer to be softer and rounder, so it would not hurt so much when i hug it.
MaverickWill 23rd December 2009, 16:10 Quote
DEUS EX - £4

I was so annoyed - bought 2 copies of this, literally an hour before the sale, at £6. One for me, one for a mate. And we had problems hosting multiplayer games, so we hit up TF2 for a while.

The single-player's pretty swish, though. Play the tutorial first, for the love of all things holy. The controls aren't standard, and there's a few things you really need to know in there!

Oh, and it can't seem to output at 1920x1080. Anyone have any ideas? 1360x768 is a bit of a headache-inducer.
Cupboard 23rd December 2009, 16:53 Quote
They have finally got me!
I have managed to resist the advance of Steam up to now but have finally fallen. No I just wait to get back to a computer and an internet connection that can cope!
LeMaltor 23rd December 2009, 16:58 Quote
ffs i swore I wouldn't spend any more on games until Mafia 2.............another 28 pounds spent :)
pizan 23rd December 2009, 17:44 Quote
LOL, I bought like 15 games today. For like $10 each average. If you take out borderlands and fallout3 they are like $5 each average.
capnPedro 23rd December 2009, 19:30 Quote
I've already got all the good ones. And they cost a lot more than this :(.
thehippoz 23rd December 2009, 19:39 Quote
=] they know how to get the wallets to fly open, that's for sure.. some good titles.. especially torchlight
Eggy 23rd December 2009, 20:23 Quote
I've been using Steam since it's conception but after they made the region separation I buy fewer games. I just don't feel like paying alot more than people in the US for the same bits and bytes. It's downright criminal.
robyholmes 23rd December 2009, 21:00 Quote
I got Dirt2 cos it had a little bit off, not a bad game once you get past the windows live stuff.
freedom810 23rd December 2009, 21:51 Quote
Wasnt even going to look due to temptation then saw someone mention tales of valor for £4.99....**** u steam :( ur deals are so good...
RichCreedy 23rd December 2009, 22:13 Quote
i bought chronicals of riddick for under a tenner
mjm25 23rd December 2009, 22:25 Quote
i succumbed and bought GTA... i literally couldn't not. i'm waiting for MW2 so get a price slash over the next few days...
Ficky Pucker 23rd December 2009, 23:24 Quote

i'm not going to even bother telling myself i won't spend more money on games, steam always wins...
Krikkit 23rd December 2009, 23:46 Quote
Don't forget Chronicles of Riddick - Dark Athena: you get Butcher Bay in with it too! :D
tyepe 24th December 2009, 00:14 Quote
I got Beyond Good and Evil, Stalker, Deus Ex and Indigo Prophecy all for a tenner. Early Christmas presents woo :)

Steam sucked my cash when they did the 5 day sale last month, now it looks like I'm going to lose a bit more money in their new 24 hour sales that are going to come.
Pieface 24th December 2009, 00:27 Quote
Who's the biggest spender with the most games so far? I'm currently at £50 with 20 games bought >.<
ZERO <ibis> 24th December 2009, 00:31 Quote
Yea I saw that last night and started buying games. 7$ for gta is great but unfortunately I still must wait because I am not installing that **** with sicurerom on it regardless of price. But yea 50% empire total war was pretty nice!
Woodstock 24th December 2009, 03:52 Quote
Some great deals there, funny thing thou I cant find bioshock on the list, I search and find the trailer and the demo but not the actual game. Also you say up to 80% off and quote stalker as being 90% off
Star*Dagger 24th December 2009, 06:49 Quote
Just bought most of the Top 10 games of 2009, of course like any True Gamer I already had

** Shattered Horizon ** Rated 9.2 out of 10

in my steam collection.

I'll get to the other games sometime this year, maybe, lol. Shattered Horizon is just THAT good! 3d tactics!

Preaching the Word,
mrb_no1 24th December 2009, 07:56 Quote
awesome...just bought 4 games for less than £15 quid, love it steam!


confusis 24th December 2009, 08:13 Quote
mmm Stalker: Chernobyl for NZD2.15 vs retail of NZD44.99! w00t been wanting this game for a year
MaverickWill 24th December 2009, 10:09 Quote
Eidos Collector Pack, GTA4, Stalker Chernobyl, Braid, Riddick... Oh Christ...

EDIT: Bought!
////\oo/\\\\ 24th December 2009, 11:52 Quote
£119.73 spent!...

THQ Complete
Eidos Collector
Mirror's Edge
Overlord Complete
The Witcher
World of Goo
MaverickWill 24th December 2009, 11:54 Quote
He wins! So far...
Cerberus90 24th December 2009, 13:53 Quote
Now, I'm sure you all do this already, :D, but you might want to check out the retail stores websites, game, gameplay etc. I've just been on Games website as they've started their january sales, and on the first page I saw quite a few games that steam are selling, quite a lot cheaper than steam.
Borderlands - £14 for example.
Pieface 24th December 2009, 17:02 Quote
New deals aren't that great..
MaverickWill 24th December 2009, 17:39 Quote
I dunno. You seen the id pack? All the Quakes (and addons), Dooms (and all addons), Hexens, Heretic, Return to Wolfenstein, Wolfenstein 3D, Commander Keen, and Spear of Destiny for £12.89?
Star*Dagger 25th December 2009, 09:36 Quote
You'll go blind playing those games!!! Wolf3d?!?! LOL, Quake, hehe and doom, roflmao!
Blademrk 28th December 2009, 00:20 Quote
just picked up the popcap collection for £26
Xir 28th December 2009, 12:14 Quote
Who kept saying people will pirate rather then buy?
Maybe, just maybe the price has something to do with it?

Mirrors Edge (just to give it a try for that price)

And yes...this is your fault Joe Martin!
KOTOR and Deus Ex* ;-)

mrbens 28th December 2009, 17:06 Quote
Originally Posted by mrbens
Ahhh damn, I just bought the Orange Box a couple of days ago so I could play throught the Cinematic Mod v10. Could have saved myself over £4, which would have just about covered Braid & Mirror's Edge I'm buying now in the sale!

Today only the Orange Box is 50% off now too lol

Never mind, it was still cheap at £16.99 =)

EDIT: DOH! BioShock now: £3.49 for the next 16 hours. I just spent over £9 on it last night!

I've bought everything I want now, so just gonna strictly stick to buying the 1 day sale items only if I'm going to buy any more!
H2O 30th December 2009, 20:23 Quote
Left for Dead 1 Game of the Year Edition is $7.49!!
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