BioShock 2 release date announced

BioShock 2 release date announced

BioShock 2 will get released in Europe ahead of other territories, on October 30th.

BioShock 2 has now been officially dated by Take-Two, with Europe getting the game a few days ahead of the US and other territories apparently.

The release date was announced during a company conference call to discuss the financial results of the second quarter, which Kotaku was privy to. Take-Two CEO Ben Feder announced the release date, though the officially listed release date is still just 'to be announced'.

BioShock 2 will launch in North America on November 3rd, while us Europeans can look forward to getting the game a few days earlier on October 30th.

BioShock 2 is expected to launch on the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 - though it hasn't yet been established if the release will be at all staggered across platforms. The original BioShock launched first on the Xbox 360 and PC, with a PlayStation 3 release coming later, but with a few extra features.

Kotaku tried to esablish if the same might be true with the sequel, asking if the official 'TBA' release date listed might indicate a timed exclusive. The first response came from Take-Two's Chief Financial Officer, who claimed that the publisher was still working out the right timings for the different platforms. Company chairman Strauss Zelnick later corrected the issue though, saying that gamers shouldn't read too much into all that.

So, BioShock 2 will be with us Europeans first - let us know how that makes you feel in the forums, after you've checked out our original BioShock review.


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Kasius 27th May 2009, 12:20 Quote
one for the preorder list
Star*Dagger 27th May 2009, 13:05 Quote
Indeed, I have no problem paying now. Bioshock was one of the first dx10 games and helped to effective shut up the winXP "dx10 doesnt offer anything more" crowd.

Looking forward to it a great deal!

julianmartin 27th May 2009, 13:45 Quote
how does it make me feel?


slipperyskip 27th May 2009, 13:59 Quote
"So, BioShock 2 will be with us Europeans first - let us know how that makes you feel in the forums"

Really? Are you serious?
pimlicosound 27th May 2009, 14:36 Quote
It's hard to feel much jubilation at this point. I, like many of my fellow gamers, have reservations about this sequel, and I'm anxious to read a review of the finished article.
Evildead666 27th May 2009, 17:55 Quote
It had better be a bit more varied this time round.
The same "baddies" all over, and same-o weapons throughout the game...
The atmosphere more than made up with it, with art Deco styling....

Will wait for a review...
Journeyer 27th May 2009, 18:59 Quote
Can't wait ... quite literally! I'm of half a mind to set up camp outside my local spaceworld shop. :D
johnnyboy700 27th May 2009, 19:47 Quote
Yep, I'm dithering over this one, I'll see how the reviews go.

The notion that you will be hunted throughout the game by a Big Sister is an interesting one and I'm curious how they are going to pull it off. If every confrontation you have with the BS ends in a stalemate I'm wondering how they can generate any sense of danger or tension given that you know you won't be able to kill her until the end of the game.

The one thing that does give me hope is that the lead designer for the sequel is Jordan Thomas, the man who created the Fort Frolic level in the original and he was also responsible for the Cradle in Thief:Deadly Shadows. I reckon if anyone can make it work then it would be him.
VaLkyR-Assassin 27th May 2009, 20:40 Quote
^ From what I've read, well..... I better not say too much as it's a bit of a partial spoiler if you don't know (I wish I didn't know it :/). But it shouldn't be a "stalement" every time if I've interpreted what I've read correctly. I could have got the wrong idea though.....
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