BioShock 2 available on Steam

Written by Joe Martin

January 20, 2010 // 1:20 p.m.

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Valve and 2K Games have jointly announced that BioShock 2 is now available to pre-purchase on Steam, priced at £26.99 GBP.

The full game will unlock on the 9th of February, which is when the game is also released in stores for the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. Pre-purchasing the game on Steam does represent a 10 percent saving compared to the usual Steam price though, which is nice.

Even nicer, pre-purchasing the game now also nets you a copy of the original BioShock which you can either play through immediately or gift to less affluent gamer pal.

To help sweeten the deal even more, Valve is also offering a four-pack deal for BioShock 2; four copies of both games for £80.99 for you to share with friends and enjoy BioShock 2's new multiplayer modes with.

BioShock 2 is a direct sequel to the original game, once more letting players explore the oceanic megalopolis and play around with genetic enhancements and plasmids. The new multiplayer portion is a prequel to both games though, letting players take part in the civil war which left Rapture in such a perilous state.

We took a look at the game back in late December, so check our BioShock 2 preview for more information on the upcoming game, or our original BioShock review if you're really behind the times.

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