Eidos shows lifetime sales for Tomb Raider series

Eidos shows lifetime sales for Tomb Raider series

Tomb Raider: Anniversary was the biggest flop in the series yet, closely followed by Chronicles.

Eidos, which is now officially owned by Square Enix. has bravely decided to release the lifetime sales data for the entire Tomb Raider series, showing how well each of the main games in the franchise have performed when you ignore all the little handheld games and mobile phone or DVD spin off titles.

So, if you want to go ahead and place bets on which is the best and worst performing title in the series then you'll want to do so now, before we reveal the facts.

Unsurprisingly, the best selling game in the entire Tomb Raider series is still the first game, which has sold almost 8 million copies across all platforms since it was released back in 1996. Following it in second and third place are Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III, setting a trend of diminishing sales that continues until 2003 when the massively panned Angel of Darkness managed to somehow outsell Chronicles. Will wonders never cease?

The worst selling game in the series has definitely been 2007's Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which managed to sell under 1.5 million while the titles released on either side are both still rising above 2 million, proving that Underworld actually performed quite well for Eidos.

For simplicities sake we've included the sales chart below, originally sourced from Kotaku.

Which was your favourite Tomb Raider game? Our was Legend, but let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Eidos shows lifetime sales for Tomb Raider series


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azrael- 24th April 2009, 12:08 Quote
Like I've said in the Gaming section, to me the first game was the absolut best. It just desperately needs a D3D (or OpenGL) front end. Right now you'd have to play it in software mode or dig out a Matrox Mystique or a 3DFX Voodoo of sorts.
Angleus 24th April 2009, 12:17 Quote
The first was the best but the second was my favourite, because I was just the right age where I had to get OBSESSED with a game beacuse I wouldn't be able to afford a new one until the next birthday/xmas
fargo 24th April 2009, 13:56 Quote
I'm afraid this series doesn't get the credit it justly deserves and after all these yrs it is still making
a reasonable profit which backs up my statement, that said the first is my favorite but for eye candy
you can't beat the last one. am patiently waiting for the next installment.
JyX 24th April 2009, 14:36 Quote
For TR I you can use a DX glider... Glidos is one, if I remember right... a Russian made DirectX glide system that enhances graphics... not very much but it looks a better and there are also fan made hi res texture packs for that system, TRX or something like that. A few years ago I've stumbled upon them... back then they were like 75 to 90 % complete... who knows, maybe by now, every texture in TR I was updated.
JyX 24th April 2009, 14:36 Quote
Oh yeah.. and there was also a Hungarian glide system... just forgot its name.
[USRF]Obiwan 24th April 2009, 14:43 Quote
I only played the first 2 games. then the boobs got smaller, you see what happens next..
Zurechial 24th April 2009, 15:07 Quote
Originally Posted by azrael-
Like I've said in the Gaming section, to me the first game was the absolut best. It just desperately needs a D3D (or OpenGL) front end. Right now you'd have to play it in software mode or dig out a Matrox Mystique or a 3DFX Voodoo of sorts.

Install a glide wrapper and you're good to go.
Glide may be dead, but it's not lost to us. :)
sear 24th April 2009, 15:34 Quote
Originally Posted by [USRF]Obiwan
I only played the first 2 games. then the boobs got smaller, you see what happens next..
Actually from what I've seen, they only got larger as time went on. The first Lara Croft is probably the most "realistically"-proportioned.

I can say that I've never bought a Tomb Raider game, though I did play demos of the earlier games a little bit. I got Angel of Darkness included in a 3D card bundle, as well, and I played it for about five seconds before realising it was ****, and never touched it again. Anniversary and Legend are much, much better games because they're actually contemporary in design and controls and all that, but still a bit bland and uninspired, like Zelda, but made by heartless automatons.
azrael- 24th April 2009, 16:02 Quote
Thanks for the suggestion to try a Glide wrapper. Hadn't thought of that.

On a separate, but still related, note: Could someone point me to a place in the UK, where I can obtain the collector's edition of TR: Anniversary (for PC). I want that version pretty badly. It's basically the only reason I haven't bought Anniversary yet. Yes, I'm a bit of a TR afficionado... ;)
philheckler 24th April 2009, 16:29 Quote
Hello all - CPC refugee here - Tr2 was my favourite of the series (including the recent ones). The only TR game i never played was angel of Darkness (luckily) - I though TR Underworld was pretty good - probably the best out of the 'next gen' TR.
Yemerich 24th April 2009, 16:55 Quote
Hmm i think anniversary was quite good. Much better than angel of darkness. But even liking the TR series, since the second one i never had the patience to finish them... After some frustations in the hardest levels the game become too repetitive, and consequently boring to the unplayable level...
Carcarius 24th April 2009, 17:15 Quote
I agree with most that the original was the best and that overall the first 3 were excellent games. The last 3 were not very good. I think there is still life in the title, if they are smart about it. I thin since the first game they treated the title like a movie franchise and spent less time on story and more on special effects. They need a new engine, a new compelling story - bring Lara back to her roots (tomb raiding) - and better yet, make the game episodic so it can expand longer than a set number of levels. Build the the game so that you can download episodes from PS3/Xbox. Just my thoughts, but that's what I would like to see.
Carcarius 24th April 2009, 17:20 Quote
I didn't like Legend that much. Even though it looked good what they did to the T-Rex battle was unforgivable. Yeah, it's just a game, but in the T-Rex sequence in the original was truly thrilling. Not many games could create the excitement and fear of a T-Rex coming out of nowhere to attack you (the music, the lead-up with the footsteps, etc).
Carcarius 24th April 2009, 17:21 Quote
Oops, sorry, that wasn't Legend I was describing... just realized that.
thehippoz 24th April 2009, 22:11 Quote
really impressed at the iq in underworld.. it's almost over the top- the first one was the most memorable imo.. but if you haven't tried that last one- your missing out :D

I'll post some screens from my fraps folder later
evanbraakensiek 25th April 2009, 01:37 Quote
I liked the second and third titles (though, I never bought any Tomb Raider game), and I slightly surprised to see that neither outsold the first seeing as they both received a lot of main stream attention.
Keivz 28th April 2009, 22:33 Quote
The last 3 were my favorites. I enjoyed the anniversary remake more so than the original.
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