3D Realms releases new Duke Nukem Forever image

3D Realms releases new Duke Nukem Forever image

Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for more than a decade. Eleven years, really.

Another year gone, another disappointment that the long-announced Duke Nukem Forever hasn't yet hit shelves. Despite being in development since 1997 officially, which in reality means the game has been in production for at least eleven years, the much awaited title still hasn't materialised at all.

But, on the plus side, 3D Realms has released a new image from the game, though it may be all pre-rendered by the looks of it. Yay.

Showcasing some of the different monsters in the game, which is actually rumoured to be in the final stages of post-production, the image is 3D Realms' gracious holiday gift to gamers.

The image isn't all we've seen of the game in the last twelve months though - there was a rather disappointing trailer released as well which was much-hyped despite showing only a few seconds of gameplay footage.

One of the problems behind the staggering development time for Duke Nukem Forever has been the constant requirement to stay on the cutting edge. Over the last decade the game has switched engines multiple times, going from the original engine to various Unreal Engine versions and custom re-writes of the entire rendering and physics system. Each change has required the team to redo a lot of the previous work on the title. The release date for the game is still 'When It's Done'.

If you want to download the new image from the game then 3D Realms is hosting a selection of different formats and sizes, but if you want something more tangible then you can check out the old trailer for the game below from a few years ago. Let us know what you think in the forums.


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liratheal 19th December 2008, 11:22 Quote
God. Here we go again.
Carpet3 19th December 2008, 11:27 Quote
I suspect this game is screwed. It's so over-hyped and anticipated that no matter how good it is, it will ultimately lead to mass disappointment.
Deadwolf 19th December 2008, 11:37 Quote
this game will never come out.. it's duke's joke on us..
Jordan Wise 19th December 2008, 11:37 Quote
I love it. This game is so overdue that it gets a news article when an IMAGE is released!
perplekks45 19th December 2008, 11:47 Quote
I might be quite lonely by now but I'm still looking forward to it. Don't think I'll ever see it being released but still waiting. Maybe that one German PC magazine was right when they estimated the release date to be winter 2666. :|
D3s3rt_F0x 19th December 2008, 12:01 Quote
God I wish they could just start again pick an engine from a clean slate and go with that jesus if they just picked the steam engine when HL2 came out im sure they could of had it done by now lol

I dont like the trailer either theres vehicles, vehicles in any game except battelfield 1942 are crap.
StephenK 19th December 2008, 12:02 Quote
Maybe this is the game? We're playing it right now. Each pic is the next level and we will be playing Forever! :)
V3ctor 19th December 2008, 12:12 Quote
At least, they make news with it... I can imagine my grandson waiting for Duke Nukem Forever... I'm affraid I'm not going to live to see the day this game comes out :\
UrbanMarine 19th December 2008, 12:14 Quote
I still play Duke3D and I still can't wait until DNF comes out.
V3ctor 19th December 2008, 12:26 Quote
Will it ever be a Duke Nukem After-ever?
Joeymac 19th December 2008, 12:33 Quote
Basically this game will have to look better than Beowulf, run maxed out on a 486, have no DRM on it, cost £5 and be the greatest game of all time.... Or people will be pissed and it'll die on it's arse.
Bauul 19th December 2008, 13:26 Quote
I still have faith, even if its only okay, I can't imagine it won't be fun and hell anything with Duke in is a laugh. Everyone knows it's taken years to develop, I think people's expectations will be rock bottom and it can only be better than people imagine it will be. All the trailers for it have looked good at any rate, so unless they do something stupid it won't be a Daikatana. Maybe a Prey, which was, what, 8 years in development? I imagine it will be "fine", but at least it will certainly be memorable.
GFC 19th December 2008, 13:53 Quote
It's never gona be released.. and if it is - god help them, they wont be able to live to the hype no mather how good the game is.
Well, i have better chance of playing crysis on AA and AF enabled then ever seeing DNF.. :\
Anti-Hero 19th December 2008, 14:03 Quote
I'm seriously rofl'ing on your posts guys =D
Now I missed the original Duke Nukem games, I was too young back than.
But let me use Team Fortress 2 as an example that this game can be good.
Team Fortress 2 was also like 7 years (if I'm not mistaking) in the making, and it is one of the best games ever imo.
It's just wait and see for me!
Delphium 19th December 2008, 14:16 Quote
Having checked out the the link to the different format and size images, have to say, the image at the bottom of the page is certainly much more pleasing to the eye x]
rewind 19th December 2008, 15:00 Quote
One word 'Diakatana'....
Denis_iii 19th December 2008, 15:35 Quote
just give me a gun and bring on those monsters and i'm happy, no vehicles, no fancy gameplay options, just fps quake 1 gameplay with wierd weapons and a jet pack
Goty 19th December 2008, 15:59 Quote
When and IF they ever release this game, it's pretty much going to be guaranteed to be one of the best selling titles of the year if only because people will want to see what all the waiting was for.
Sathy 19th December 2008, 16:28 Quote
At least it's not Forever for NOTHING, so you have to give credit for the developer for picking the right name from the start.
By the looks of the "trailer" there, it should be called Never-ever, as the graphics are rather horrendous, even though there are some nifty gameplay related things shown.

It's not as if it should come as a surprise that unless they've changed the engine several times, it will look outdated before it's even been dated, for release. Oh well, whether or not it's something worth it or not...passing judgement is going to wait until it's actually released. Until then it's still vapor.

@ Anti-Hero, really, TF2 is in your view one of the best games ever? All there is to say is that we're all happy you're happy. Games that have been delayed for release this long are on average flops, so even if TF2 made it well isn't anything to draw much conclusions from.
Silver51 19th December 2008, 16:53 Quote
Is it April 1st already?
perplekks45 19th December 2008, 16:59 Quote
Originally Posted by rewind
One word 'Diakatana'....
Another word:


It's Daikatana. But yes, it sucked.
So basically, what everyone is saying is every game delayed for quite some time sucks? DiabloII? Half-Life 2? TF2? Oh my... how they sucked... :|
ssj12 19th December 2008, 17:44 Quote
can they finish this game already and move on....
Yemerich 19th December 2008, 17:54 Quote
I don't even believe IT IS being developed.

BTW, this trailer is much better than the last year trailer
E7130 20th December 2008, 01:56 Quote
what is this PS2!? Looks like crap
Boddaker 20th December 2008, 08:35 Quote
Please, let it die! For the love of god, just let it die!!!
Anakha 20th December 2008, 09:49 Quote
Originally Posted by E7130
what is this PS2!? Looks like crap

That trailer is from before Doom3 even. And from the looks of it, it's running on the old Half-Life engine. Figures, huh?
DougEdey 20th December 2008, 10:00 Quote
Reminds me of the Locust in Gears 2
Journeyer 20th December 2008, 10:01 Quote
Oh right, I had forgotten about Duke Nukem... and I probably will again.
The coffee cup on my desk will erode away to dust before this game hits the shelves...
roshan 20th December 2008, 10:22 Quote
forever never
Bauul 20th December 2008, 14:13 Quote
Having a better look at the photo... actually come on guys that looks awesome! I'm seriously liking what I'm seeing, even if it is prerendered, they are still awesome monster models!
Horizon 21st December 2008, 01:38 Quote
sad to say this, but this game is stillborn. I doubt by the time they released the game they'll have 10+ years worth of new stuff to bring to the table. It couldn't have taken hem more than half a year to stitch that image together.
fargo 21st December 2008, 04:41 Quote
OMG is duke coming thank you lord hehe really if duke ever gets here I'll be waiting until then play on guys!!
capnPedro 21st December 2008, 09:16 Quote
Originally Posted by UrbanMarine
I still play Duke3D and I still can't wait until DNF comes out.

Yeah, but do you play Time to Kill / Land of the Babes / Manhattan Project?
Thought not. Why? Because they were crap. Duke 1 and 2 were crap! IMO, 3D Realms just got really lucky with Duke 3D/Atomic Edition/Plutonium Pak.
K.I.T.T. 21st December 2008, 23:29 Quote
Originally Posted by UrbanMarine
I still play Duke3D and I still can't wait until DNF comes out.

I second that but can't help feeling i've seen the abreviation DNF before somewhere else *cough* Did Not Finish *cough*...need i say more?

Duke will be back, like Bruce Willis in a Die Hard film, he's just waiting for it to be time to kick ass and chew bubblegum again....only problem is, he's still got plenty of gum.
dyzophoria 22nd December 2008, 07:00 Quote
it will never stop getting delayed if they keep switching game engines imho
UrbanMarine 22nd December 2008, 13:07 Quote
Originally Posted by capnPedro
Yeah, but do you play Time to Kill / Land of the Babes / Manhattan Project?
Thought not. Why? Because they were crap. Duke 1 and 2 were crap! IMO, 3D Realms just got really lucky with Duke 3D/Atomic Edition/Plutonium Pak.

TTK was fun and a change of pace at the time. I never played LotB and MP I liked because it was Duke meets Contra.

As for getting lucky with Duke3D, I don't think that was the case. Games like Doom were on the gamers wanted list. Also at the time games like Duke3D were considered taboo and that made people want them even more. Dukes build engine and multiplayer also helped it's success.

@KITT. Prey got lost in development and still came out. It also got good reviews. So Duke might end up the same way. IMO multiplayer will make or break DNF.
perplekks45 22nd December 2008, 13:09 Quote
They started with the original Unreal engine, didn't they? What are they using now? Looks a bit like UE 3.0?
UrbanMarine 22nd December 2008, 16:12 Quote
Originally Posted by aon`aTv.gsus666
They started with the original Unreal engine, didn't they? What are they using now? Looks a bit like UE 3.0?

Yes. Not sure what engine they're on now. I believe this is their 4th engine change for DNF.
perplekks45 22nd December 2008, 16:51 Quote
Checked it on Wikipedia (not that reliable, I know...) and yes, seems to be UE3.0, heavily customized as one would expect.

I still think we'll see UE4.0 (or whatever its name might be) before the release of DNF.... sadly.
UrbanMarine 22nd December 2008, 17:17 Quote
Ah. What really sucks is they're using the UE3 :( IMO it's overrated and over used. The IW(Warfare Engine) or Source would be better even though Source is outdated. At this point I just want the damn game!!!! If multiplayer is just as fun as DUKE3D then I'll be satisfied with a lesser engine. What can I say I'm a Duke Nukem Fanboy. I still have all my Duke games and x-paks.

BTW: There was a group remaking DUKE3D on the Source engine but they got shutdown because of 3DRealms. The mod was a complete remake of Duke3D with the side episodes.

Did anyone build maps or play mods like Platoon?
Slyporkie 29th December 2008, 10:53 Quote
I wonder if the guy that does Duke's voice will still be alive when they need him for the game? ;)
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