Quake 3 multiplayer now hostable on Nokia phones

Quake 3 multiplayer now hostable on Nokia phones

Quake 3 is now not only playable on some Nokia phones, but hostable too and with mouse and keyboard support.

Crafty coders have updated the mobile phone version of Quake 3: Arena for Nokia phones so that games can now be hosted from a handset.

Not only that, but compatible handsets can now also take advantage of mouse and keyboard support by using bluetooth-enabled peripherals with the game.

To get Quake 3 running on your mobile you'll need to have a copy of the game obviously, as well as a handset which features Texa's OMAP 2420 chipset technology. In English that means you can only host games on a Nokia N95 8GB, N82 and E90 according to Decoder.

Unfortunately the most popular S60 handset, the N95, is incompatible with the game owing to a lack of system memory.

The mobile version of the game comes with all the mod-cons of modern gaming too, including remappable controls and full-screen anti-aliasing. Games can be hosted both locally and over any nearby access points.

For details on how to install the game on your phone and all the files needed to run the game under the Symbian OS you can check out the developers website.

Were you, like many of us, a Quake 3 addict back in the day or were you more interested in playing other classics like Theme Hospital? Let us know in the forums.


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p3n 28th November 2008, 10:59 Quote
Have Symbian actually improved things or is this just thanks to newer hardware? (aside from PC emulator I hated my e61)
Denis_iii 28th November 2008, 11:17 Quote
awesome, no game has come close to the fun/simplicity of Q3A but on a mobile phone? hjmmm i'll pass
TTmodder 28th November 2008, 11:53 Quote
BRB buying a nokia n96 8gb,
finally got a good reason to buy a new cellphone
Skiddywinks 28th November 2008, 17:21 Quote
Theme Hospital! Woooo!
Bauul 29th November 2008, 10:46 Quote
I'm still looking forward to Quake Live. It'll be awesome if they really can do away with the need for local content.
Goty 29th November 2008, 22:50 Quote
It shouldn't be too hard, there's already essentially an online version of Tribes out there that requires nothing more than a browser add-on.
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