Ubisoft expands to Singapore studio

Ubisoft expands to Singapore studio

Ubisoft admitted that the support of local government influenced the choice to move to Singapore.

Ubisoft has just announced that it is growing even more and that the company will soon be starting a new development studio in Singapore.

Although Ubisoft also has development studios and CGI film makers in Montreal and Quebec, the Paris-based company still isn't done expanding it seems and is eager to plant itself all over the globe.

So, why Singapore and not the UK?

Well, according to Smarthouse News, the publisher sees the "excellent technological infrastructure, thriving local game development industry and quality of its universities and training institutions" as the major benefits and reasons for the placement of the studio.

Ubisoft also mentioned that the local government offered "strong support" and that that had a definite effect on the decision.

The mega-publisher is hoping to open the new studio late this summer, filling the ranks out to include three hundred full-time developers who will work on future titles.

Have you ever wanted to make a job out of game design? Well, if that's the case then why not check out James Silva's recent guest column about how he got started in the industry and went from dishwasher to indie developer and zombie-lord? Or you can drop your thoughts in the forums if you prefer.


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bahgger 12th February 2008, 13:00 Quote
Well that's pretty good to hear, seeing as I come from the region. It's not to say that I personally want to get into game development, not at all. This will however be helpful in opening doors for the aspiring game developers, and perhaps Ubisoft's entrance will be followed by other companies.
will. 12th February 2008, 13:57 Quote
Don't they already have one in Singapore? I'm sure that's where the terrible Splinter Cell: Double Agent was spawned...
hawky84 12th February 2008, 16:19 Quote
I wonder if they will be employing build / config managers, I hope they don't leave it to the devs, this is one area the games industry really falls behind in
RallyRoach 12th February 2008, 16:50 Quote
Umm, Montreal is -in- the province of Quebec, in Canada.
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